Released 14 March 2012

Patch Notes

  • Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards - Part 2 DLC Pack + Hero Outfit
  • Buffed Apprentice Exponential Damage Ramps on Lightning Tower and Magic Missile Tower by ~20%
  • Added a super-secret awesome reward for those who earn "Transcendent Challenge Champion"
  • Editbox for specifying the Item Costs in the Player Shop now displays numerical commas
  • Binding chat key to alphanumeric button no longer interferes with EditBox inputs
  • You can now browse into and out-of Item Box/Player Shop folders properly with Gamepad control (though you can not create them with Gamepad control, yet)
  • "Hardcore" mode now yields a 50% XP wave-completion earnings boost, regardless of difficulty setting
  • Added "Pro" Item Upgrade Mode, where you can simply click an item stat directly to immediately invest all needed funds and upgrade the item rapidly.
  • Hardcore Mode is now accessible on all Challenges, and gives better reward items (on Campaign and Challenges) than non-Hardcore
  • Nightmare Challenges now also give Insane Achievements
  • Spike Blockade width increased by 15%
  • Level cap raised to 78, along with new Items and Item Qualities
  • Controller users can now press "Y" to export data to Local/Open mode
  • 5 new Achievements + Trophies
  • Cross-platform steamplay with Mac
  • Fixed issue where Traps would become weaker in various ways if you died in Hardcore mode and your player character disappeared. Also fixes Upgrade Detonation Count decreasing issue with Traps after the player was destroyed (where Upgrading could result in a Det Count decrease).
  • Fixed issue where NM Challenges don't add completion credit for lesser difficulties
  • Fixed issue where alphabetical keybinding for Chat would result in inability to use that key in edit boxes
  • Increased NM Crystal HP by 40%
  • Clients can now see the Host's selected mission name of a mission they don't own
  • Harpoon Turrets now incorporate target leading into their aiming, making them MUCH more effective against Wyverns and also fast-moving enemies
  • Buffed Nightmare Damage Pets by 12%
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