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The Adept hero class is a counterpart to the Apprentice. It is available as paid downloadable content on Steam.


Magic Blockade Magic Blockade ‐ Blocks enemies, slowing their progress, while also removing whatever elemental alignment the enemy has.
Magic Missile Tower Magic Missile Tower ‐ Shoots rapid‐fire bolts of arcane magic that deal physical damage to enemies.
Fireball Tower Fireball Tower ‐ Erupts with slow but powerful balls of flame that splash enemies with fire damage.
Lightning Tower Lightning Tower ‐ Disperses chain lightning that link from target to target, temporarily stunning enemies while dealing lightning damage.
Deadly Striker Tower Deadly Striker Tower ‐ Unleashes extremely accurate energy blasts over long distances and through walls, but with a slower rate of fire.


Instant Upgrade
Instant Upgrade ‐ Channels a surcharge of mana into an instant Defense Upgrade!
Purity Bomb
Purity Bomb ‐ Unleashes a cleansing blast of magical energy that is incredibly destructive to undead creatures and necromancers!

Weapon Skills

Charge Speed Charge Attack ‐ The Adept can charge her staff with intense energy to release an extra‐powerful magic bolt that can damage multiple enemies.
Knockback Bonus Knockback Attack ‐ The Adept charges her staff with kinetic energy to release a knock‐back shockwave that will send nearby enemies flying.

Adept's Costumes

Promotional Description

An introverted trainee in the arcane arts, the Adept has focused her energy to hone several unique spells. Her Purifying Blast ability can unleash a magical explosion which will destroy skeletons in a single blast and greatly damage their necromancer masters, while her Instant Upgrade ability allows her to channel her mana into an instant upgrade for any Defense. Though she can be a little shy at first, her increased speed allows her to hurry across the battlefield to wherever her urgent attention is required! [1]

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