Donning his robe and wizard hat, the Apprentice is eager to delve deeper into the world of the arcane. Under the guidance of the Grand Magus, the Apprentice has learned the art of conjuration. While summoning towers of mystical defense to aid him, he blasts his enemies with waves of magic from afar.


Magic Blockade Magic Blockade ‐ Blocks enemies, slowing their progress, while also stealing whatever elemental alignment the enemy has.
Magic Missile Tower Magic Missile Tower ‐ Shoots rapid‐fire bolts of arcane magic. Although weak standing alone, they can be deadly in numbers.
Fireball Tower Fireball Tower ‐ Erupts with slow but powerful balls of flame that splash enemies with fire damage.
Lightning Tower Lightning Tower ‐ Blasts out bolts of lightning that links from target to target, temporarily stunning enemies with electrifying results.
Deadly Striker Tower Deadly Striker Tower ‐ Unleashes deathly fast and accurate energy blasts over long distances and through walls, but with a slow rate of fire.


Overcharge Wheel Overcharge ‐ Dramatically reduces the time it takes to cast any of your magical abilities.
ManaBomb Wheel Mana Bomb ‐ Releases a massive shockwave of energy, devastating all nearby enemies.

Weapon Skills

Charge Speed Charge Attack ‐ The Apprentice can charge his staff with intense energy to release an extra‐powerful magic bolt that can damage multiple enemies within his proximity.
Knockback Bonus Knockback Attack ‐ The Apprentice charge his staff with kinetic energy to release a knock‐back shockwave that will send nearby small enemies flying.

Apprentice's Costumes


  • In the game's source code, a hidden function to autocreate characters was made, with 1 class for each class, the name for the apprentice class character is "SorcerorJeremy," which refers to JeremyStieglitz, who is a developer at TrendyEntertainment, found in DunDefHeroManager.uc.
  • When the primary and secondary attack keys are pressed (continuously hold both buttons down), the Apprentice will auto-fire at a default fire rate.

Gameplay Trailer

Apprentice Trailer

Apprentice Trailer

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