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The Archer Minion is a Summoner defense. It is a crystalline variant of the Dark Elf Archer. The archer costs 40 mana and 4 MU to summon. Archers can shoot over a medium range and deal damage to one target per shot.


Similar to its enemy counterpart, the Archer Minion shoots arrows that deal damage upon impact, but can interrupt an enemy's channeling (e.g. Spider's web attack, Djinn's casting). Their 360° vision allows them to shoot an enemy behind them and keep safe some area for your other defenses. Their low MU and mana cost gives them a huge potential on the battlefield on Nightmare difficulty. Combined with a mage minion, the archers make for a great self-repairing wall that cannot be pushed by Sharken.

Stats influence

Minions base stats :

  • HP : 193
  • Damage : 110
  • Speed attack : 1.00
  • Range : 8.53
  • Atk speed boost : 0.80

Unlike other towers, the attack speed of archers and other minions scales differently to the Summoner's Tower Attack Speed stat. The table below shows how the archer's attack speed increases with the corresponding stat and when touching a Tower Buff Beam.

Speed tower stats

Speed atk/Atk speed bonus Real speed
Base (0) 1/0.80 2sec/shot
Base + buff at
TowerUpgraded 5

minion on buff beam

6.18/1.84 2sec/shot
180 6.61/2.47 1sec/shot
1121 13.87/4.40 1sec/shot
1121+buffed in beam 23.75/4.40 1sec/shot
1381 14.99/4.65


From this data table, it can be concluded that the SPEED ATTACK BONUS influences on the fire rate of a minion and not the "speed atk" mentioned in the detail of the minion.

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