There are various items to be found in the world of Dungeon Defenders. The quality of an item generally determines how good the item will be. The higher quality items have lower drop rates than the lower quality items. The armor types grow stronger the further down the table they are (below). Pristine is currently the highest grade of armor in Dungeon Defenders.


Armor has a quality associated to it that determines how much defense and other stats it will have.

Quality/Level Restriction

  • As of 4.2/4.3 update, the level restriction has changed, please help update.
Leather Chain Mail Plate Pristine


Worn 3 3
Stocky 7 7 7
Solid 9
Sturdy 12
Polished 16
Shining 18 22
Powerful 22
Amazing 27 34
Epic 34 38
Legendary 44 50

  • Thanks to alfyan for infos.

Armor Types

Type Helm Chest Gloves Boots
Leather File:LeatherHelm.jpg File:LeatherBody.jpg File:LeatherGloves.jpg File:LeatherBoots.jpg
Chain File:ChainHelm.jpg File:ChainBody.jpg File:ChainGloves.jpg File:ChainBoots.jpg
Mail File:MailHelm.jpg File:MailBody.jpg File:MailGloves.jpg File:MailBoots.jpg
Plate File:PlateHelm.jpg File:PlateBody.jpg File:PlateGloves.jpg File:PlateBoots.jpg
Pristine File:PristineHelm.jpg File:PristineBody.jpg File:PristineGloves.jpg File:PristineBoots.jpg
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