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Information on this page or section is specific to DD1 Redux for PC.

Ascension is a difficulty level above Nightmare introduced in Dungeon Defenders Redux.

It aims to increase the difficulty and loot quality of nearly all maps to 'endgame levels,' whilst providing an even greater challenge for veteran players. Many of Redux's additions and changes are centered around Ascension.

Differences from Nightmare


  • Numerous items (and hero costumes) are exclusively obtained from clearing maps on Ascension, Divine and Void Crystals and the Plane Gun for example. Some items are tied to map secrets only doable on Ascension.
  • The chances for items of Ultimate quality or better to drop or be rewarded are greatly increased.
  • At least 45% of dropped loot after a wave finishes will be armor, up from 25%.
  • The starting Base Damage stat(s) on acquired weapons and offensive pets is/are much higher, often exceeding 10,000.
  • Several builder pets can have up to +800 in one or more stats.
  • Most completion rewards that require playing on a difficulty below Nightmare or Insane are received, in addition to their Nightmare/Insane counterpart.


  • While most builds for Nightmare will work on Ascension (assuming that the player's heroes' stats are high enough), they may have to be adjusted to account for the Cyclopes' snot bubbles.
  • Though extremely rare, it is possible for Divine and Void armor to drop during Campaign missions on Ascension Hardcore or Ruthless, such as in The Tinkerer's Lab and Crystal Cave.
  • If the last few enemies left to spawn in the wave are Ogres, aka. "Slowgres," they will eventually be forced out.



File:Ascended Defender.png Ascended Defender - Clear the original, classic campaign (Deeper Well-Glitterhelm) and those maps' challenges on Ascension Hardcore or Ruthless.


  • Ascension used to be called "Insanity." Enemies were colored cobalt blue instead of white (light gray on the minimap).

Version History

  • 12.0.3:
    • Enemies spawn faster and have more consistent spawn schedules in any given wave.
  • ?: Renamed to "Ascension" and changed enemy colors to white.
  • ?: Introduced as "Insanity."

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