An Aura is a hero defense type utilised by both the Monk and Initiate. Unlike other hero defenses, an aura has a variable lifespan dependant on the number of times it has affected enemies or players.

Auras are non-physical hero defenses which cannot be directly destroyed by enemies. They typically feature a fixed (but reducible on PC) visual radius and attack/heal rate. For more strategic gameplay, auras can be placed on elevated positions to utilise their spherical nature.


  • The health of an aura is determined by Defense Health.
  • The effectiveness of a trap (attack rate/movement speed/strength reduction, heal amount, enrage chance or damage value) is determined by Defense Base Damage.
  • The effective radius of an aura is determined by Defense Area of Effect.
  • The attack/heal rate of an aura is determined by Defense Attack Rate.
  • It is possible to cover dark energy areas by using a pet/armor/weapon that increases the Defense Area of Effect after you put an aura close to the dark energy; Same thing can be done if trying to put 2 auras together.
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