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Battle Pound Leap

Battle Leap and Battle Pound are combined into 1 stat.

The Barbarian's Battle Leap requires the player to have 30 mana (but has no mana cost) and may only be activated when an enemy is in range. While there are no enemies within range or while you are jumping the Battle Leap ability will be inactive and appear darkened as if you didn't have enough mana.

Upon successful use the Barbarian will leap high into the air (roughly the same height as the Tornado Stance jump) towards the nearest enemy the player is currently facing and crash down on top of the enemy's head, causing decent damage in a moderate splash zone.

The pathing of this attack is relatively good but players will learn that there are certain times and places in which this Leap can turn deadly for the player and not the targeted enemy. There are also some times in which the barbarian will leap in the exact opposite direction intended. Hopefully we will see a fix for this problem soon enough. (Patch 7.16, barbarian release)

Both of the Barbarian's abilities (Battle Pound & Battle Leap) are increased by the Ability #1 stat. The Ability #2 stat modifies the Barbarian's Hawk Stance.

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