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Buccaneer Bay was released with the first update by the Community Development Team on 10 December 2015. It is the first content added to The Lost Quests section along with the challenge Pirate Invasion.

Buccaneer's Bay is based off a pirate cove with a walk-able beach and a full fledged pirate ship to explore.


This map offers two new weapons that are randomly rewarded after completing campaign.

This map also offers two survival rewards.


  • At the end of the map the players and crystals will be healed as if there was a boss approaching, however, no boss will arrive. It gives this message because Buccaneer Bay was originally a Dungeon Defenders Eternity map and it had a boss, so when ported over the message was not removed.
The Ramparts
Map Information
Number of Crystals Number of Waves Defense Units Starting Mana
Crystal ClassicCrystal ClassicCrystal Classic 14 120 900
Hazards Mana Per Round
None 900
Pirate Invasion
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard DarkElfArcherIconHard OrcIconHard KoboldIconHard WyvernIconHard FishWyvernIconNightmare DarkElfMageIconHard DarkElfWarriorIconHard SpiderIconHard DjinnIconNightmare SharkenIcon Goblincoptericon
OgreIconHard DemonLordIcon GoblinMechIcon AncientDragonIcon SpiderQueenIcon Geniekingicon KrakenIcon Goblinbattlecruisericon Oldoneicon MegaCupidIcon MegaSnowmanIcon Mega TurkeyIcon
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
Roger's Revenge or Moby's Mobile Launcher Roger's Revenge or Moby's Mobile Launcher Roger's Revenge or Moby's Mobile Launcher Roger's Revenge or Moby's Mobile Launcher Roger's Revenge or Moby's Mobile Launcher
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
Survival Reward
Pirate Skeleton on Treadmill
The Deeper Well Foundries and Forges Magus Quarters Alchemical Laboratory Servants Quarters
Castle Armory Hall of Court The Throne Room Royal Gardens The Ramparts
Endless Spires The Summit Glitterhelm Caverns Palantir Oakvale Crossing
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Crystalline Dimension
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