Catch em All

Catch 'em All is an achievement that is unlocked by possessing one of each "standard" Familiar in/on one's Item Box or heroes. Completing this achievement unlocks the Bio Container Crystal Skin.

Familiars needed

Survival Pets

*These pets are rewarded upon reaching Wave 15 of Survival Mode on their respective map(s), provided that the player starts on Wave 13 or prior.

Hero Animi

Hero Guardians


In some cases when trying to obtain this achievement, it may be necessary to drop all of the pets on the tavern floor and pick them up one by one. This should fix the problem. There is an issue in the achievement if you received a pet by the trade window that it does not count.

PC & Console


This achievement is a reference to an English tagline of the Pokemon franchise, "Gotta catch 'em All."

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