The gun is a type of weapon that both the Huntress and Ranger use. Guns can be classified into mainly 3 different types, namely machine guns, flame-spitters and shotguns. Each type of gun has its own unique distinguishing property from other guns, which will be further discussed below. Even though two guns may be of the same type, their name might not be the same, as is the general rule for all weapons in Dungeon Defenders.

Automatic Guns

The unique property of automatic guns is that they generally have the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game. In exchange for the high rate of fire, some machine guns will have lower base attack damage. This does not mean that they will not have a lowered amount of additional bonuses. Generally automatic guns can only fire 1 projectile at a time.

Description: None Where:
Special: None
Speed 10 Range Pierces Walls Affinity
Projectiles 1 AoE Pierces Foes
Description: "The newest weapon in Etheria, the Minigun was created by an insane inventor." Where:
Special: None
Speed 10 Range Pierces Walls Affinity
Projectiles 1 AoE Pierces Foes


The unique property of blunderbuss is the high base damage. This high base damage makes up for the slower rate of fire. Blunderbuss weapons do have elemental bonuses, as do all other weapons in the game. Generally, these weapons can only fire 1 projectile at a time. All blunderbuss weapons have the distinguishable short barrel "sawn-off" look to them.

Description: "The second attempt at a gun, the Shotgun is a more refined version of the Handcannon" Where:
Special: None
Speed 4 Range Melee Pierces Walls Affinity
Projectiles 1 AoE Pierces Foes 8 Small


Beast-Guns are those which are constructed from the remains of the powerful beasts of Etheria. These guns exploit the unique features of the beast and allow the huntress to use them to the best of her ability. Currently there are two Beast-Guns; the Dragon Cannon and the Scorpion Gun. Both weapons typically have a multi-shot ability which can be upgraded.

Dragon Cannon
Description: "A powerful explosives based weapon, the Handcannon was a first attempt at a real gun.

Although it was quite successful it did have the drawback of being weak against fire resistance monsters."

Special: 3 shots at 30° angles
Speed 5 Range Pierces Walls Affinity
Projectiles 3 AoE Pierces Foes
Disk Thrower
Description: "Created from the remains of giant scorpions which roam Etheria. It shoots serrated metal disks tipped with the venom from the glands of the scorpion" Where:
Special: Shoots 2 discs at 5° angles
Speed 6 Range Pierces Walls Affinity
Projectiles 2 AoE Pierces Foes 4 Large

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