The Chicken Baller is a Monk weapon awarded for clearing Spring Valley. Its ranged attack fires up to five bouncy explosive chickens. Direct hits have very strong knockback.

This is one of the best weapons in the game to pair with a Genie pet, as its projectiles can hit enemies around corners and continue to hit enemies when the user stops firing. The chickens explode on impact with an enemy or after a few seconds, causing AOE damage.

Tips and Notes


The damage dealt by the chickens is highly volatile, even without taking other variables into account. Genies collect less mana from hits that deal <4,200 damage. The less total damage dealt per cycle, the less likely that a Genie will top off the hero's mana supply. This is crucial in order to maximize the duration of the Monk's and Initiate's abilities. It is not recommended to use the Chicken Baller on a Jester, because she does less damage with non-Apprentice weapons.

Projectile speed affects both the velocity of the chickens and how far they can travel before exploding; they do not explode after traveling a certain total distance.

After maxing out the projectile count and speed, the amount of Ranged Damage desired depends the user's Hero Damage and whether or not they are a Super Legendary Monk (who does 10% more damage). The Chicken Baller is best used by a dedicated Tower Boost Monk whose Hero Damage stat will vary. A good benchmark to reach is 4,200 minimum damage on all direct hits, from a non-Super Legendary Monk with 1,500 Hero Damage, on Nightmare difficulty.


  • The tooltip may refer to how this weapon performs exceptionally well with a Genie to elongate the Monk's Tower Boost.
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