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The City in the Cliffs map was released on 13th April 2012, as part of the City in the Cliffs Mission Pack DLC. The map is a very large Moraggan desert outpost.

Moving away from traditional level design, the map allows for 6-player cooperative play. 6playericon.png


The bonus campaign mission follows the pattern of the classic campaign levels, where players must defend all three Eternia Crystals while facing waves of increasing difficulty.


Unlike other classic campaign levels, there is no single set enemy pathway to each crystal. Instead players must defend all three crystals by placing several hero defenses to cover many different enemy pathways.

As there are eight waves in total, each wave will test the player's ability to efficiently utilize their defense units to cover all of the multiple enemy pathways towards each crystal. This may include a combination of Huntress traps (low DU), Harpoon Turrets (dual anti-air/ground role) and Magic Blockades for instance.

Similar to the Oasis, this Moraggan desert map features several multi-level pathways, making the Bowling Ball Turret a viable option against ground enemies.



Players are awarded 4 random items (Weapons, Armor or Familiars) for completing the campaign DLC map. The quality of the items depends on the level difficulty.


Completing the campaign DLC map on at least Medium difficulty will unlock the Bounty Hunter Costume for the Series EV.


  • Djinn and Mini Ogres will spawn on all difficulties on this map.
  • Djinn do not appear on Pure Strategy mode; however, Spiders do.
  • Normal ground enemies will not move along the raised walkway on the right of the map (although ogres can follow players up there on occasion. Remain wary).
  • When taking a more condensed defensive approach; where players opt to placing defenses in very close proximity to both sides of all three crystals, players effectively have only 15-16 DU to allocate to each of the eight enemy pathways.


Map Details

Map Information
Number of Crystals Number of Waves Defense Units Starting Mana
Crystal Classic.pngCrystal Classic.pngCrystal Classic.png 14 140 1040
Hazards Mana Per Round
Falling Off Ledges 1040
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard.png DarkElfArcherIconHard.png OrcIconHard.png KoboldIconHard.png OgreIconHard.png WyvernIconHard.png FishWyvernIconNightmare.png
DarkElfMageIconHard.png DarkElfWarriorIconHard.png SpiderIconHard.png DjinnIconNightmare.png SharkenIcon.png Goblincoptericon.png Harbinger Icon.png
DemonLordIcon.png GoblinMechIcon.png AncientDragonIcon.png SpiderQueenIcon.png Geniekingicon.png KrakenIcon.png Goblinbattlecruisericon.png Oldoneicon.png MegaCupidIcon.png MegaSnowmanIcon.png Mega TurkeyIcon.png
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
4 Random Items 4 Random Items 4 Random Items 4 Random Items 4 Random Items
Survival Rewards
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