Default controls for Keyboard and Mouse and Xbox controller

Keyboard and Mouse

Xbox controller Function
Mouse 1

Right Trigger

Primary Attacker

Mouse 2 Left Trigger Alternate Attack

Left Shift

Right Bumper Action Wheel

Left Thumstick Up

Move Forward
A Left Thumstick Left Strafe Left
S Left Thumstick Down Move Backward
D Left Thumstick Right Strafe Right
X Left Thumbstick(Push)

Swap weapons (Series EV)

E X Activate
F Y Alternate Activate
C B Call Out and Mark Location
R Alternate Attack
I Select Hero Info
M Drop All Mana
G Activate crystal
Space A Jump
Ctrl Left Bumper Move Camera
Right Thumbstick Adjust Camera
+ = Increase Radius
- _ Decrease Radius
Mouse Wheel Up/Down Right Thumbstick(Push) Change Zoom
Esc Start Pause
F1 or ~(tilde) Chat Log
1 DPad Left Heal
2 DPad Down Skill 1
3 DPad Up Skill 2
4 Dpad Right Repair
5 Upgrade
6 Defense 1
7 Defense 2
8 Defense 3
9 Defense 4

Defense 5

H Toggle HUD
Q Free Look
DD controls

Control configuration screen with default controls

Ability hot keys (1-0, and DPad) can have their functions, but not their keybindings, reassigned during gameplay by the user. All commands available via the Action Wheel can be reassigned to an ability hot key.

To assign a command, point the action wheel to the command needed, press and hold the desired hot key to assign the command.

Due to a glitch, the left thumbstick may change to Change Zoom. Switching to the alternate layout in-game and back again will restore Series EV weapon changing functionality.


  • You can use Control + G to force start waves as the host
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