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The Countess hero class is a counterpart to the Squire. She is available as paid downloadable content on Steam.

Compared to the Squire, she moves 20% faster, but casts 20% slower. Her base health is 20% lower, however she gets more health per stat point than the Squire.

Official Description(s)

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A proud Etherian warrior of noble descent, the Countess can hold her own against any of the other great warriors of the realm. Though still favoring brute force melee combat, she can often run circles around her Squire comrades. Her Joust ability allows her to push through enemy lines with unstoppable force, while her Call to Arms ability allows her to rally allies to the cause, boosting their morale. Though she can be stubborn at times, she'll never back down from a fight! [1]


  • Spike Blockade.pngSpike Blockade - A reinforced blockade that is sure to cause a sharp pain to enemies who touch it. Uses 3 defense units.
  • Bouncer Blockade.pngBouncer Blockade - This spiked blockade thrusts enemies back with ferocious force sending nearby enemies flying away from the area. Uses 4 defense units.
  • Harpoon Turret.pngHarpoon Turret - Penetrating its foes, this turret launches deadly arrows that damage rows of enemies at a time. Uses 6 defense units.
  • Bowling Ball Turret.pngBowling Ball Turret - This stationary turret launches steel balls that bounce off of enemies and surfaces within its sights. Uses 7 defense units.
  • Slice N Dice Blockade.pngSlice N Dice Blockade - This monumental blockade takes time to spin up but it quickly cuts down waves of enemies with its whirling blades. Uses 8 defense units.


Call To Arms.PNG
Call to Arms ‐ Rallies nearby allies, increasing their potency while also boosting your defense and speed.
Joust ‐ Charge forward in an unstoppable rush, knocking back and damaging everything in front of you, even the mightiest of foes!

Weapon Skills

  • General Damage.pngMelee Combo ‐ The Countess can unleash a 3‐hit combo with each attack dealing more damage and range than the previous one.
  • Blocking Resistance.pngBlock ‐ The Countess can raise her guard to protect from incoming frontal attacks, drastically reducing the damage she takes from them. However, she cannot move or attack while blocking.

Weapon Effectiveness

(See Extensive Weapon Effectiveness)


  • After 2 initial swings, The Countess adopts a 3-hit swing unlike the Squire who attacks 4 times.
  • The Countess's third overhand strike will often hit twice, resulting in major damage.
  • The Joust ability allows her to push an Ogre back or off a ledge.

Countess's Costumes

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