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The Cowboy Monkey is a pet that is awarded for reaching wave 15 in Karathiki Jungle or wave 25 in Akatiti Jungle on either Survival Mode or Pure Strategy. On consoles, one is given to PlayStation Plus members automatically.

It shoots long-ranged "HEROIC sniper" bananas that deal high physical damage to enemies. When there are no enemies to attack or an ally hero is below 50% HP, the monkey will fire "healing" bananas at them to replenish their health. Despite firing two bananas at once, one banana hitting an enemy or hero is equally as potent as both shots hitting the same target(s).

As with many pets, the Cowboy Monkey comes in different colors.


  • The amount of health healing bananas restore is based solely on a percentage of the monkey's Base Damage: ~3.98% on Easy-Insane, ~8.17% on Nightmare, and (in Redux) ~z.zz% on Ascension.
    • The caring hero's class, costume, Hero Damage stat and all damage-boosting effects (Hero Boost, Propeller Cat, etc) do not affect the amount of HP restored.
  • When targeting a moving hero, the monkey tries to predict where he/she will be to not miss its shots.
  • Its elemental damage does not scale with Hero Damage.
  • The monkey has significantly less DPS than a Seahorse, but its much greater attack range and primarily physical damage can make it a viable choice in some situations.

Version History


  • While most pets have a sound for when they are equipped or the hero spawns in, The Cowboy Monkey will also emit its entry cry after any in-engine cutscene.

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