Creatures, according to the story of Dungeon Defenders, are an evil group whose leaders were known as the Old Ones. The parents of the main Heroes locked this evil away in the Eternia Crystals. One day after their parents left for a long journey the Heroes accidentally released a small portion of this evil back into Etheria. These creatures are on a rampage to release their masters from the Eternia Crystal.

According to the story of Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards four evil creatures stole pieces of a shattered Eternia Crystal. The heroes set out to retrieve these lost four pieces, but find the evil creatures setting up arms with their own hordes of creatures. Here the heroes run into new and powerful creatures.

Creatures List by Type

Dark Elf Archer Dark Elf Mage Wyvern Spider Djinn
Goblin Copter
Goblin Orc Kobold Dark Elf Warrior Skeleton Sharken
Ogre (Mini-Ogre)
Demon Lord Goblin Mech Ancient Dragon
Spider Queen Genie King Kraken
Mega Snowman Mega Turkey Mega Cupid
Goblin Battlecruiser Santa Barbarian Old One
Lost Quests & CDT
Harbinger Mobile Mage Towers Phoenix
Siege Mech Wasp Flying Mech
Wasp Queen
Desert Goblin Sultan

And one event creature in "The Great Turkey Hunt" challenge:

Turkey Icon

Creatures Difficulty Icons

The higher the color, the more health and damage the creature has. As the wave number increases, it is possible to get coloured creatures from the next difficulty (e.g. it is possible for Hard difficulty to have Insane coloured mobs).

Creatures Difficulty Icons
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
  • Some creatures don't follow the pattern of colors. For example the Dark Elf Warrior has two purple icons.
  • While in Über Monster Fest on Insane, you'll see tiered creatures, such as OgreIconMedium with TowerUpgraded 2.
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