The crystal health determines how many hit points the Eternia Crystal can take before it is destroyed. The crystal health differs by the map's difficulty. If a map contains multiple crystals, all crystals have the same amount of hit points.

The Skin of Your Teeth award is based on the crystal health.

Crystal Health

Maps or Challenges Crystal Health

Area 1 maps: The Deeper Well, Foundries and Forges, Magus Quarters, Alchemical Laboratory

Bonus: Palantir, Bonus: Tavern Defense


Area 2 maps: Servants Quarters, Castle Armory, Hall of Court, The Throne Room

City in the Cliffs, Talay Mining Complex


Area 3 maps: Royal Gardens, The Ramparts, Endless Spires

Bonus: The King's Game

The Summit 3000
Bonus: Glitterhelm Caverns 4000

For Nightmare (Difficulty), the crystal health is multiplied by 5x.

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