The Crystalline Resurgence (CR) is a series of Lost Quests added on June 21st 2018 with the Return to the Crystalline Dimension patch. It consists of four missions which correspond to each field of the Crystalline Dimension, prior to the Old One.


Part 1

Takes place on the same field the Legendary Huntress was rescued. An artificial Spider Queen boss is fought here during the final wave. Her melee attacks are lethal. They can kill heroes and defenses alike in mere seconds, even if under a Strength Drain Aura and possessing 90% generic resistance or touching a fully-upgraded buff beam. Her swarms of spiderlings are much larger compared to her Mistymire counterpart. She has extremely high damage reduction to all sources. The queen takes more damage to attacks aimed at her core when stunned after all the spiderlings in a swarm are killed.

Part 2

Takes place on the same field the Legendary Monk was rescued. A Genie King boss is fought here during the final wave. Unlike the original boss, he is immune to generic damage; elemental damage must be used to damage him. He also summons baby Djinn in much greater numbers than his Morrago counterpart. The Djinn can buff any enemy type, including ogres and evil heroes. The artificial king will automatically enter and exit a lamp every few minutes. Heroes can still rub the humming lamp to release him early though. The king has 75% damage reduction to everything; this is impossible to decrease.

Part 3

Takes place on the same field the Legendary Mage was rescued. An Ancient Dragon boss, a Kraken, and a few Demon Lords are fought during the final wave. Instead of circling the outer edge of the map, the dragon always stays around the top floor, frequently shooting fireballs that home in on their targets. At 50% HP, a Kraken appears; it must be killed before further damage can be dealt to the dragon. The Demon Lords do not have to be killed defeat the boss.

Part 4

A multi-wave boss gauntlet, taking place on the same field the Legendary Knight was rescued. Players have a limited amount of time and lives to compete the mission. The artificial/resurgent versions of the Spider Queen, Genie King, Kraken and Ancient Dragon are all fought at once during the final wave.


Campaign Only



  • Completing all four parts and every "Lost Quest" on Nightmare Hardcore unlocks a secret challenge in CR 3.
  • The rewards for clearing CR 4 are given per account/player, NOT per hero.
    • Which weapon the player(s) earn is always random, regardless of their hero class on the final wave.


  • An easy, though long-winded way to defeat the Spider Queen in CR 1 is to trap her against the middle core and let a ranged-attacking pet hold her aggro on a hero. If playing solo, the Jester's wheel must be used to repair auras and traps from time-to-time.
  • During CR 2, while it seems counterintuitive, a stack of buffed auras and traps over the middle spawn point creates a reliable, accessible safe zone during the boss fight. A Strength Drain Aura can also greatly reduce the Genie King's attack power when he is down there.
  • Try to stay on the topmost plateau during the boss of CR 3. If the Kraken knocks you off, use one of the red portals on the bottom level to warp back.
  • Prioritize Demon Lords the moment they spawn during CR 4. Their fire walls are deadly to physical defenses which are needed to aggro ogres.
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