DD1 Redux is a conversion mod of the first Dungeon Defenders video game. It was created by user IHDC who co-develops the mod with Mischief. Both are formal members of the Community Development Team (CDT). Redux is a semi-official continuation of DD1 content updates post-2019. It notably introduces features not found in Vanilla and re-balances the game at a macro scale.

On December 14, 2020, Chromatic Games announced "official branch support" for DD1 Redux. Their post includes instructions on how to download and access the community-developed mod. Prior to Chromatic's post, download and installation instructions were handled on Redux's Discord server.

DD1 Redux Changelog

*Adapted from Chromatic Games's announcement in December 2020. Details not found in their post were taken from update changelogs on Redux's Discord.

Heroes and Defenses



  • Overcharge
    • Increases the Apprentice's damage and movement speed, in addition to his Casting Rate.
    • Costs more mana overtime than before and has a longer cooldown.
  • Mana Bomb's cooldown is 35 seconds (down from 45) to match Purity Bomb.
  • New Ability! Fire Bomb
    • Launches a powerful slow-moving fireball that explodes.
    • Scales with Hero Damage.


  • New Tower! Mortar Tower
    • Shoots a bomb that inflicts AOE damage.
  • Blood Rage and Call to Arms cost less mana overtime, increasing at a slower rate.
  • Joust
    • Increased weapon damage scaling.
    • Leaves behind a fire trail; its damage scales with the Countess's Hero Damage.
  • New Ability! Blade Vortex
    • Drops a set of spinning blades that last for 10 seconds.
    • Scales with Hero Damage.


  • Proximity Mine and Inferno Traps have increased damage scaling.
  • Ethereal Spike Trap has increased damage and attack rate scaling.
  • New Tower! Oil Trap
  • Invisibility grants a speed boost (in addition to cloaking the hero(es)).
  • New Ability! Dark Shot
    • Debuffs enemies hit (including bosses), causing them to take up to 40% more damage.
    • This ability scales with Hero Damage.


  • Remote Defense Boost
    • No longer requires builders near the Initiate to buff their defenses.
    • Instead of buffing select defenses regardless of distance, this ability buffs the damage, range and attack rate of all defenses within its radius.
  • New Ability! Fire Aura
    • Creates a fire-damaging aura around the Monk.
    • Scales with Hero Damage.

Series EV

  • Proton and Shock Beams have increased damage scaling.
  • Physical Beam has increased health scaling.
  • New Tower! SAM Unit
    • Costs 8 DU and 1yy mana.
    • An anti-air turret that launches heat-seeking missiles that explode on impact, dealing fire damage to foes caught in the blast.
  • Holographic Decoy
    • Increased damage and aggro radius.
    • Can now be deployed while hovering.
  • New Ability! Electric Bomb
    • A projectile that bounces around before exploding, similar to a grenade.
    • Scales with Hero Damage.


  • Now has Towers! Damage and Speed Totems
  • The Damage Totem increases the damage dealt by all nearby heroes.
  • Speed Totem increases the movement speed of all heroes on the map, regardless of distance.
  • Lightning Stance
    • Adds up to 50% extra lightning damage to all of the Barbarian's melee attacks, 35% for Hawk Stance.
    • Every melee swing shoots a lightning bolt. This projectile does not cause recoil damage if it hits an enemy (unconfirmed).
  • Siphon Stance's damage resistance penalty is less severe (in Vanilla, it makes the Barbarian take 3x damage).


  • Wheel O' Fortuna's "Damage All" combination cannot hit the same enemy more than once.
  • New Ability! Confetti Cannon
    • Shoots damaging confetti in a short-ranged burst.
    • Scales with Hero Damage.


  • Archer Minion arrows travel further before they despawn.
    • This fixes an issue where their arrows cannot hit a distant target within the archer's firing range.
  • Ogre Minion costs 400 mana to summon (down from 600).
  • Flash Heal can be casted while hovering.
  • New Minion! Spider Queen
    • A crystallized version of the Spider Queen boss.
    • Costs 600 mana and 30 Minion Units, dethroning the Ogre Minion for the single most expensive defense.
    • This super-bulky minion fires webs to cripple enemies and does high melee damage. It also comes with 10% damage reduction.
  • Two New Abilities! Summon Kobold and Pet Boost
    • The former summons a Kobold to self-destruct on enemies.
    • For the duration of the latter, the Summoner's pets deal 25% - 450% more damage and attack 25% - 250% faster.
    • Both abilities scale with Hero Damage. For Pet Boost, the damage increase caps at ~6.6k, while its attack rate buff caps at ~7.1k.

Hero Costumes

  • Added crystalline versions for all four classic heroes (Apprentice, Squire, Huntress and Monk).
    • These are unlocked by completing the Crystalline Dimension on the new Ascension difficulty.
    • Stat changes are identical to the super versions of the Legendary Heroes (The Grand Magus, Knight, Eleven Ranger and Chi Master).
    • There is also a Crystalline Ninja Monk skin. How it is unlocked is a mystery.
  • Added a Pirate Barbarian costume.
    • Unlocked by completing the new Halloween Spooktacular 3 on Ascension.
    • Stat changes are the same as the Tavernkeep Imposter.

New Maps and Gameplay Features


Ascension (Difficulty)

Ruthless Mode

  • A toggle similar to Hardcore that increases the loot quality multiplier (10% points higher than Hardcore).
  • There are far less enemies and they move slower. However, their other stats are higher and they take reduced damage from all defenses.

Integrated (Controller) Emulator

  • A built-in emulator that allows the player to have up to four active heroes at once, without needing to plug-in physical Xbox 360 or similar video game console controllers into their PC.
  • Uses the keys F2-F8 to switch between players to control, quick add and remove alt. heroes, and toggle active split screens. The last control hides split screens for Players 2-4 without removing them from the hosted game.

Divine Quality

  • A quality tier above Ultimate++. Listed stat bonuses cap at 1,099 each.
  • Divine armor gives passive health regeneration to the hero and their defenses every 5 seconds. The regen is significantly greater if they wear a full Divine set.
  • The set bonus for Divine armor pieces is 50%, compared to the 40% of Ultimate-Ult++.

Void Element and Quality

  • A quality tier above Ultimate++. Listed stat bonuses cap at 1,199 each.
  • Exclusive to armor and the weapons made at the new Void Forge. These weapons require Void Shards to craft which are obtained from completing missions inside the Crystalline Dimension.
  • Void weapons inflict void elemental damage, represented by purple damage numbers.
  • Void armor gives the wearer additional Hero Damage and Defense Range, +2.5% per piece, 15% for a full set.

Tavern Updates

  • Divine and Void Forges
    • Used to craft Divine/Void Shards into various items.
    • Each Divine Shard yields 10 high-quality armor pieces, with at least one being Ultimate or higher on-average. These shards are obtainable from completing maps and can be bought from the Tavernkeep.
    • Void Shards may be used to craft one of four void weapons. The player may choose to have the weapon selected at random for higher overall quality.
  • The player can change their Tavern's themes to any of the previous thirteen via the in-game Options menu.
  • At the "Diamond Forge," Coal can exchanged for 10 billion mana per piece. Small Coal may be exchanged for 2 billion mana each.
  • True Boss Rush has its own UI. The host can choose which checkpoint to start at and trade Experience Orbs for mana. One XP Orb yields 100 billion mana.



  • A terracotta-colored ogre variant that spawns on all maps played on Ascension.
  • Shoots a large blob of poison that releases a damaging cloud on impact; this does increased damage to minions.

Nut Cracker

  • An enemy exclusive to Winter Wonderland 2.
  • Unaffected by Gas Traps, regardless of elemental immunity.
  • Explodes on death.

Loot Goblin

  • Found only in Mix Mode.
  • If killed, it drops many items. These can include Ascension-level holiday weapon rewards (ex: Blade of the North).


Many new pets to earn exclusively through survivals.

A New Giraffe Pet

  • Obtained from the classic campaign maps.
  • ...

A New Moon Archetype

  • Obtained from beating Moonbase Survival on Ascension.
  • Stats cap at 800 instead of 700.
  • Gives +20% movement speed, as well as -20% gravity.
  • Generates with a random color.

Djinn (Pet)

  • Obtained from Town in the Cliffs.
  • Upgrades nearby defenses automatically at a 50% mana up-charge.

Pet Turkey

Polybius Arcade Machines

  • Can have Ultimate++ quality.

Old One on a Treadmill

  • Created from 40 void shards.
  • Stats cap at 1,000 each.
  • Gives +45% movement speed, the same amount as a Treadmill on a Treadmill.


  • Emerald City set.
  • Turkey Bracers
  • Party Horn
  • Pumpkin Head
  • NutCracker

Quality of Life

  • Automatic inventory sorting, based on item quality.
  • Stat modifiers previously hidden on equipment, like hero speed boosts, are displayed next to their detailed info.
  • The hosting player can press the [N] key to speed up the countdown to an incoming boss fight.
  • The graphics quality can be changed under the in-game options, not just within the launcher.
  • The dark outlines on 3D models (heroes, NPCs, terrain, etc) can be toggled on/off in-game, without disabling other post-processing shaders.
  • Damage resistance values for wall- and blockade-type defenses are now displayed under their tooltips.
  • Golden enemies always render over non-golden enemies on the minimap.
  • Vulnerable Dark Elf Mages turn golden during the Wizardry challenge.
  • Fixed golden enemies in the Treasure Hunt challenge not appearing golden on the minimap.
  • Added percentage labels to sliders in the options menu.


General Changes

  • All maps playable on Survival Mode go up to Wave 35 if they did not already.
  • Improved the visuals of many maps.
  • There is now a legitimate way to reach the very top of the Tavern.
  • Armor item models have been redone.
  • Updated the models of the Genie pet and Cowboy Monkey.
  • Magic Hat accessory renders bigger by default.
  • Optimized game performance slightly in Emerald City.
  • Pure Strategy Mode has been overhauled.

True Boss Rush

  • Now has an internal flag for completing the challenge.
  • Can be played on either Nightmare Hardcore or Ascension Hardcore.

Balance Changes

Maps and Missions

  • Many campaign and challenge missions have improved boss health and reward scaling by difficulty level.
  • Hero-healing pets, such as fairies and the Desert Goblin, restore 85% less health in the Temple of Polybius and during the new return assaults on Ascension (compared to NM).
  • Starting mana in Karathiki Jungle and its challenge Rumble in the Jungle has been increased.
  • Vanilla assaults (excluding Lab Assault) no longer have a time limit.
  • Palantir has a new boss fight which replaces the golden Demon Lord (if played on Ascension).

Lab Assault

  • Timers have been updated for all difficulty levels.
  • Added minimap icons for the enemy EVs.

Crystalline Dimension

Embermount Volcano

  • Disabled the map's initial difficulty multiplier on Survival, on all difficulty levels.
  • The airlifts push players up with greater force.

Sky O' Love

  • Difficulty adjusted on all levels.
  • Gendered mobs spawn more often, and the distance they can pair up has been extended.
  • Build Phases last 20 seconds longer.
  • Mega Cupid's arrows deal more damage.




  • Buffed/Nerfed the damage of many map-specific weapons.
  • Re-balanced the melee and ranged damage of many Monk/Initiate weapons.
  • Enemy weapon drops unique to shard maps now also drop on CDT maps:
  • The Backstabber's damage multiplier has been increased by 25%.
  • The Ban Hammer gives +10% movement speed, up from 5%.


  • Buffed/Nerfed the damage of many attack pets.
  • All classic campaign Survival pets (Griffon-Dragon) have been buffed.
  • Nessie is awarded for beating the last wave of Dread Dungeon Survival. Its stats upscale with difficulty and the Hardcore modifier on this map.
  • Laser Robot can now fire up to five (5) laser blasts per shot.
  • Imp repairs all defenses in a radius simultaneously, instead of a single target.
  • Cowboy Monkey's bananas heal for less on Ascension than NM.
  • Deadly Striker Pet's attack speed upscales properly.
  • Squire Guardian stacks with the damage resistance boost of buff beams on affected defenses.
  • Rainbow Unicorn has a projectile speed modifier.
  • Shroomite and Donkey pets can fire up to six (6) projectiles at once, and their velocity can be upgraded.
  • Propeller Cat rolls with better stats more often.


  • Annatar set (from Palantir) rolls with better stats.
  • Bow and Top Hat (from Temple O' Love) roll with better stats.
  • Ember set quality multipliers on NM have been increased to 1.7.


Redux was first conceived by IDHC long before his CDT endeavors. He decided to bring the project to life while working on Update 7 in 2019. In their post on the Dungeon Defenders forums website, he describes the mod as (originally): "a different version of Dungeon Defenders (1) that I wanted to play."

In particular, the developers find the Lightning Tower and Wheel O' Fortuna overpowered in Vanilla DD1. Discord user Moose explains that LTs have dominated the "tower meta" ever since they were massively buffed by the CDT. Their main purpose is to kill 'trash mobs,' but the mage tower also attracts Ogres which has become crucial on numerous endgame maps. Lightning Towers were experimentally nerfed in Redux to deal less damage to Ogres; this change was later reverted after playtesting.

IDHC expresses nerfing the Wheel O' Fortuna a very difficult decision to make. To counteract this, towers were given numerous buffs.

As of December 2019, only ID and Mischief are allowed to publish user-generated content that directly modifies the source code of DD1, Redux being an example.

Notes and Tips

  • Ranked Data from Vanilla DD1 can be exported to Redux, but not the other way around.
  • When playing on Ascension difficulty, traditional Ensnare-Electric-Strength Drain aura stacks alone are not enough to kill every enemy less bulky than Djinn, on any mission, without them damaging a crystal.
    • Similarly, auras stacks cannot single handedly kill spiders before they get a chance to fling a web ball.
  • Ogres and/or cyclopes can spawn on the first wave of Ascension missions, with HP in the multi-millions. Bring at least one Jester or DPS hero to deal with them.
  • Like ogres, cyclopes will not attack heroes, defenses or Eternia Crystals blocking their path to a different hero or defense they have aggro on.


  • The new Ascension difficulty used to be called "Insanity." Enemies were colored cobalt blue instead of white.
  • "Iron Man" was a placeholder name for Ruthless Mode.
  • In pre-release test builds, Harbingers (which are normally exclusive to Lost Quests) used to spawn during the Sky City boss fight on Ascension.
  • The S.A.M Unit is named after real-life surface-to-air missiles which were developed during World War II.
  • Some of the new maps and challenges in Redux were released on the Steam Workshop. A few of them have been the subject of community-held events through the Vanilla game:
    • Return to Moraggo in 2020.
    • Crystal Cave from October 2-4, 2020.


  • Originally, cyclopes favored attacking heroes instead of defenses.
  • There used to be no mini cyclops. This led to the mob getting stuck at the spawn points in the Servants Quarters.


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