The Dark Elf Archer is a basic ranged attacker. It fires one slow-moving arrow at a time that does relatively little damage to a single target. It takes them several seconds to draw back their bow. Any direct damage (from a projectile or melee weapon) or physical push will interrupt the archer's attack.

They can have an elemental affinity which protects them from certain defenses and damage.

Their firing range scales with the difficulty setting: (Easy:750; Medium:1000; Hard:1250; Insane: 1500). Archers will not target defenses or heroes without a line-of-sight, though their arrows will pass through certain obstacles and walls.


Archers are easily killed by splash damage (ex: by a Fireball Tower) and die very quickly in a similar manner to goblins. But, because they stop moving to attack, the archers give other enemies time to walk ahead of them, shielding the archers from the projectiles of the players' towers.

Depending on the map and difficulty set, Dark Elf Archers can snipe a defense or Eternia Crystal, without anything to interrupt their shots. Players with a fully developed defense can still lose to a core getting hit by random archer arrows.



  • Alongside ogres and Dark Elf Mages, enemy spawn points do not protect Dark Elf Archers from damage. They can be damaged as soon as they spawn.

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