The Dark Elf Archer is a basic ranged attacker. Their arrows travel slowly and deal relatively little damage upon impact, however they can interrupt a hero's channeling (e.g. placing or upgrading a tower). The archers take a few seconds to draw their bow back, and the action is interrupted if attacked or shoved in some way. They can have an elemental affinity which protects them from certain defenses and damage.

Sometimes Archers will start attacking your Towers from quite a long range, you must make sure they are slain before they can do any serious damage to your defenses.

Their arrows are capable of passing through certain obstacles and walls, so be careful to not leave yourself or your Towers vulnerable to such underhanded attacks.


Archers are easily killed by splash damage and die very quickly in a similar manner as the goblins. However, if the archers are at a distance from the target, it may take some time for retaliation due to other enemies and distance. This can eventually cause substantial damage if not dealt with; therefore, it is recommended to occasionally check on distance attacks.

Dark Elf Archers can attack your crystals if you place your defenses too close to the crystals. This should be avoided as you lose score bonuses (and also experience) when your crystal gets attacked, even if it is just one arrow flung by an archer who dies immediately afterwards.


The archers can shoot farther when you increase the difficulty. Easy:750; Medium:1000; Hard:1250; Insane: 1500

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