The Dark Elf Mage is a ranged caster. He has three abilities: summoning and resurrecting Skeletons at range, healing his allies, and a deadly ranged fireball attack. They can have an elemental affinity which protects them from certain defenses and damage, and their summoned skeletons inherit their master's elemental affinity.


It is highly recommended to quickly dispose of the Elf Mages if encountered. If this is not done, many of the unfinished enemies will be healed, and an abundance of skeletons, up to three per mage, will swarm your defenses. However, while fighting the Mages, be wary of their heavy fireball attacks. These attacks are quite damaging to both tower and player.

Be careful when using blockades against this foe: If any physical space is left for them, a skeleton can slip through even the strongest defenses by being revived repeatedly. These skeletons will never disappear permanently until the summoner is killed, and they tend to swarm defenses and even the Crystals.

Extremely dangerous on higher game difficulties, as they will heal a bigger area, and heal for more! Their skeletons are beyond annoying, their long-range fireballs are deadly and their constant area healing is a problem for any defense.

They will even attempt to run if a player approaches them, and they will fire through and over certain obstacles just to ruin your defenses!

The Lightning Towers of the Apprentice can be seen as the ultimate counter to the Dark Elf Mage. This is due to their potential for impressive range from the chaining effect and stunning property that will not allow any affected mage to move, attack or cast which is needed to summon or heal. Mages with Lightning immunity will still be a threat, so be sure to have another basic source of damage.


The Wizardry Challenge features an abundance of mages and are the only spawning monster. Players must locate and destroy two of the wizards, for all the others are invincible at any given time.

Best way is to have one player guard a quarter of the map, since that way the vulnerable ones will always be immediately found.

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