The Dark Elf Warrior
Attack: Dual-wield melee
Special: Detect invisible Huntress, evade tower defenses
Introduced: Original Creature

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The Dark Elf Warrior (DEW) is a very nimble enemy that prioritizes attacking players directly, often ignoring defenses. It can jump over towers and find the Huntress/Ranger while she/he is invisible.

When the Warrior first sees a hero, it usually leaps high towards them and performs a circular slice upon landing. When close enough to the player, it can charge them at great speed to close the distance before striking.

Warriors are known to sometimes attack towers if no heroes are nearby. Warriors are also capable of damaging anything below them—including the Eternia Crystals—when landing after their jumps.


  • They have very fast attack speed, and deal high generic and lightning damage.
  • They can have other elements in place of lightning damage.
  • Often while sprinting towards players, they may fail to detonate traps.
  • Hero defenses do not stun them, (i.e. Lightning Tower, Gas Trap, etc.).


  • Wear Generic/Electric resistance gear to reduce the damage taken.
  • If a Dark Elf Warrior leaps toward you, side step immediately to avoid taking damage upon landing.
  • Be careful about camping behind your defenses. Dark Elf Warriors can jump over your defenses, kill you, and then attack your defenses from behind.


PC Version

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