The Deadly Striker Tower (DST) is an Apprentice/Adept tower. It fires fast-moving, high-damage bolts at a very slow rate.

The Deadly Striker Tower will shoot through any obstacle, including walls, floors, and ceilings. It has the longest range of any tower in the game, but a thin firing cone. Once the Deadly Striker begins charging a shot, it will track and fire at a single enemy, even if the target later leaves the tower's range. The DST will prioritize flying enemies, Dark Elf Warriors and Dark Elf Mages over lesser creatures.

The Deadly Striker Tower has the least amount of health out of all Apprentice/Adept towers, so it should be positioned and placed with notice.


  • The thin firing cone of this tower allows it to focus better on a specific enemy path, such as a key wyvern approach path. Clever players have been able to position these towers to hit an ogre over other ground enemies.
  • These towers prove to be quite useful for the Death From Above challenge, as they can deal huge damage to wyverns as they fly in from far away.

Upgrade Table

Level Health Damage Attack Range Attack Rate(Seconds) Mana To Upgrade Mana Invested
Base 134 780 17.00 11.24 N/A 150
1 160 858 19.56 9.0 100 250
2 187 936 21.42 8.0 200 450
3 214 1014 23.76 7.5 400 850
4 241 1092 25.72 7.1 700 1550
5 268 1170 27.50 6.8 1220 2770

  • Upgrading a hero defense increases its damage by 10% each level, and its health, lifespan or detonation count by 20% (a level 5 defense will deal 50% more damage and have 100% more health than a defense with no upgrades).
  • On the other hand, upgrading a hero defense will mean that it acts as if the Hero has a higher Defense Area of Effect and Defense Attack Rate. A level 1 turret gets a bonus of +2 to all stats, while a level 5 turret gets +36.
  • While the hero who summoned the tower is active, its damage is increased by 33% (PC).

Deadly Striker Shot.jpg
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