DFA map overview

Death From Above (DFA for short) is an invasion of The Ramparts by Wyverns with the occasional Ogre. In addition to the regular wyverns, this level features mini-wyverns as well as super-wyvern, a flying equivalent of the ogre.



The Wyvern

This challenge is fairly easy on medium or lower difficulty. With a level 50+ squire, placing only harpoon guns in the directions of the wyverns and one slice 'n dice for the southern ogre(s) (till you have no defense units left). Kill the top ogre(s) first, blood rage to the southern one(s). After killing the ogres feel free to grab a soda or help with killing the super wyverns on later waves.

On insane difficulty, cooperation is needed as this is one of the harder challenges. Place slice-and-dice barricades on the top of the building and around the solo crystal. Bring in high-damage characters, preferably huntress, to take out the ogres and super wyverns. Despite the presence of ogres an AOE weapon such as Crystal Tracker is probably desirable.



Recommended Level: 60 Challenge Information
The Ramparts
Number of Crystals Number of Waves
Crystal ClassicCrystal ClassicCrystal Classic 10
Defense Units Starting Mana
110 1000
Hazards Mana Per Round
Falling off Ledges 800
Spawn List
GoblinIconHard DarkElfArcherIconHard OrcIconHard KoboldIconHard WyvernIconHard FishWyvernIconNightmare DarkElfMageIconHard DarkElfWarriorIconHard SpiderIconHard DjinnIconNightmare SharkenIcon OgreIconHard
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
N/A Skyreaper Skyreaper The Pinioner The Pinioner
Easy Medium Hard Insane Nightmare
N/A Skyreaper Skyreaper The Pinioner N/A


Easy - IGameshot's Reptilium (Apprentice weapon)

Medium/Hard/Insane - A Squire will receive a Squire Animus, a Monk receives Monk Animus, etc. The attributes are random however as the difficulty goes up so do the attributes.

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