Defense Boost
Defense Boost, also known as Tower Boost or TB, is a Monk ability that repairs and increases the damage/potency of towers around him.

Combined with buff beams, this is an extremely useful skill against ogres, djinn and bosses. Defense boost also stacks with the Apprentice Guardian which can increase the DPS of select defenses even further.

Along with Hero Boost, Defense Boost drains the user's mana at an exponential rate while active. When the ability is turned off, it cannot be activated again for 15 seconds.

As of PC Patch 7.27, Defense Boost increases the effectiveness of towers along the following approximated ramp.

Defense Boost Stat 0 100 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Boost (%) 10 55 100 135 160 180 200



  • 7.17e
    • Defense Boost Healing buffed 1.65x for Nightmare difficulty
  • 7.27
    • Rebalanced for direct multiplicative effect, with new ramp approximations.
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