Heroes use various Defenses to protect the Eternia Crystals from the creatures of Etheria. Heroes like the Monk and Initiate use auras while the Huntress and Ranger use traps. The Squire, Countess, Apprentice, and Adept all use towers and blockades. The Series EV lays down various beams, the Summoner can call forth crystalline Minions, and the Jester deploys blockades, towers, or presents.  The Barbarian does not have any physical defenses to summon but instead uses stances that provide useful bonuses to his attacks.

Defenses start at level 0 and can be upgraded up to the max of level 5 at varying mana costs. Along with the normal damage, etc., increase they get a hidden bonus to the stat modifier. Level 0 gets none, level 1 gets 2, level 2 gets 5, level 3 gets 12, level 4 gets 22 and level 5 gets 36. There is a 33% bonus to damage when the hero that summoned the defense is active.

Map Specific Defenses

Apprentice and Adept
Name Cost DU Description
Magic Blockade Magic Blockade 20 1 Blocks enemies, slowing their progress, while also stealing whatever elemental immunity the enemy has.
Magic Missile Tower Magic Missile Tower 40 3 Shoots rapid‐fire bolts of arcane magic. Although weak standing alone, they can be deadly in numbers.
Fireball Tower Fireball Tower 80 5 Erupts with slow but powerful balls of flame that splash enemies with fire damage.
Lightning Tower Lightning Tower 120 7 Blasts out bolts of lightning that chain from target to target, temporarily stunning enemies with electrifying results.
Deadly Striker Tower Deadly Striker Tower 150 8 Unleashes deathly fast and accurate energy blasts over long distances and through walls, but with a slow rate of fire.
Squire and Countess
Name Cost DU Description
Spike Blockade Spike Blockade 30 3 A Reinforced Blockade that is sure to cause a sharp pain to enemies who touch it.
Bouncer Blockade Bouncer Blockade 40 4 This spiked blockade thrusts enemies back with ferocious force.
Harpoon Turret Harpoon Turret 80 6 Penetrating its foes, this turret launches deadly arrows that damage rows of enemies at a time.
Bowling Ball Turret Bowling Ball Turret 100 7 This stationary turret launches steel balls that bounce off of enemies and surfaces within its sights.
Slice N Dice Blockade Slice N Dice Blockade 140 8 This monumental blockade takes time to spin up but it quickly cuts down waves of enemies with its whirling blades.
Monk and Initiate
Name Cost DU Description
Ensnare Aura Ensnare Aura 30 3 All enemies within this Aura become encumbered by their own weight, greatly slowing their movement and attack speed.
Electric Aura Electric Aura 50 5 Feeling their souls slowly draining away, all enemies within this Aura take damage over time.
Healing Aura Healing Aura 40 4 Within this Aura, Heroes are healed over time.
Strength Drain Aura Strength Drain Aura 60 5 All enemies within this Aura deal significantly less damage and are stripped of elemental affinity while affected.
Enrage Aura Enrage Aura 100 5 Enemies within this Aura may become blind with rage, attacking and killing one another.
Huntress and Ranger
Name Cost DU Description
Gas Trap Gas Trap 40 3 When activated, enemies become engulfed in coughing gas, stunning them for the duration. Poison Immune enemies are not effected.
Proximity Mine Trap Proximity Mine Trap 30 3 When activated, an explosive blast instantly devastates all nearby enemies.
Inferno Trap Inferno Trap 60 4 When activated, a blazing cloud of fire surrounds enemies and damages them over time. Flame Immune enemies are not effected.
Darkness Trap Darkness Trap 70 3 When activated, enemies become consumed by darkness, making them lose their current target and dispels their elemental affinity.
Ethereal Spike Trap Ethereal Spike Trap 80 3 When activated, a single enemy is skewered for massive damage. Electric Immune enemies are not effected.
Name Cost Description
Tornadostanceicon Tornado Stance 10 Run faster, attack faster, jump higher, and push back enemies with a flurry of quick, low damage attacks.
Lightningstanceicon Lightning Stance 15 Use the power of lightning to stun your enemies as your attacks make contact, while halving your life with every hit.
Leechstanceicon Siphon Stance 40 Sacrifice some of your resistances to steal life from your enemies as you damage them.
Turtlestanceicon Turtle Stance 20 Enter this protective stance to greatly increase your resistances, but reduce your movement speed and jump height.
Hawkstanceicon Hawk Stance 120 Summon the powers of the mighty hawk to deal a massive amount of damage in your next attack.
Series EV
Name Cost DU Description
Proton Beam Proton Beam 40 3-5 An intense beam that constantly zaps all ground enemies foolish enough to walk along its path
Physical Beam Physical Beam 30 2-5 Blocks the movement of ground enemies, slowing their progress.
Reflection Beam Reflection Beam 20 1-3 Reflects both allied and enemy projectiles back at enemies
Shock Beam Shock Beam 55 4-7 A laser trip wire with a delayed detonation that stuns and damages ground enemies which pass it.
Tower Buff Beam Tower Buff Beam 70 4-6 A beam which increases the effectiveness of other hero defenses by a percentage.
Name Cost MU Description
Archerminionicon Archer Minion 40 4 Summons a crystalline Dark Elf Archer.
Spiderminionicon Spider Minion 80 5 Summons a crystalline Spider.
Orcminionicon Orc Minion 140 6 Summons a crystalline Orc.
Mageminionicon Mage Minion 180 7 Summons a crystalline Dark Elf Mage.
Warriorminionicon Warrior Minion 300 8 Summons a crystalline Dark Elf Warrior.
Ogreminionicon Ogre Minion 600 13 Summons a crystalline Ogre.
Name Cost DU Description
Jack in the Box icon Jack in the Box 40 3 A type of blockade: "A present box which contains a boxing glove which springs loose to send nearby foes flying!"
Party Popper icon Party Popper 50 4 Tower which randomly cycles through Magic Missiles, Archer Minion arrows, Fireballs, Djinn magic bolts, Deadly Striker bolts, and Ogre poison balls.
Small Present Small Present 40 2 When opened may yield mana, loot, a low cost defense, or additional enemies.
Deluxe Present Deluxe Present 80 3 When opened may yield mana, loot, a medium cost defense, or additional enemies.
Extravagant Present Extravagant Present 120 4 When opened may yield mana, loot, a high cost defense, or additional enemies.
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