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DPS Formula


  • DMG -- Current Weapon Damage
  • DMG_Skill -- # of points in Attack skill, personal + gear
  • DMG_Skill_mod -- % increase that 1 point in Attack skill increases weapon damage
  • ELE -- Elemental Weapon Damage
  • Type_SPD -- BASE firing rate, in seconds, of the type of weapon you're using
  • SPD -- Speed stat on the weapon
  • SPD_mod -- % increase in one speed stat on the weapon
  • Type_RL -- BASE reload time, in seconds, of the type of weapon you're using
  • RL -- Reload bonus stat on the weapon
  • RL_mod -- % decrease in time reloading per point of reload bonus stat

Actual Formula

[(DMG*DMG_Skill*DMG_Skill_mod)+ELE]*(Type_SPD*SPD*SPD_mod) = DPS while firing

Clip_Size/(Type_SPD*SPD*SPD_mod)/[Clip_Size/(Type_SPD*SPD*SPD_mod)+(Type_RL*RL*RL_mod)] = % uptime to account for time reloading

DPS while firing * % uptime = Personal DPS, no Piercing Shot

Piercing Shot DPS

(DMG*DMG_Skill*DMG_Skill_mod)*PS_Stat*PS_Stat_Mod* PS_Rate*%uptime (you can't piercing shot and reload at the same time)

I have numerical evidence to suggest that PS_Stat_Mod DECREASES as PS_Stat increases -- stacking many ranks of Piercing Shot suffers from Diminishing Returns. I have now also found very similar results with the Hero Attack stat. Details will be provided when I'm confident in the tests.

Personal DPS + Piercing Shot DPS = Total DPS

Simple Numerical Example of DPS formula

I have 70 points in Attack, 110 in Piercing Shot. I have a crossbow: 50 damage, 5 atk rate, 60 clip.

[(50*70*DMG_Skill_mod)+0]*(Type_SPD*5*SPD_mod) = DPS while firing

While I don't know some of these underlying variables' values yet, let's say each shot does 100 damage, and I shoot 2 times per second.

100 * 2 = 200 DPS while firing

With the clip of 60, shooting through a whole clip takes 30 seconds, and let's say reloading takes 10 seconds.

30 / (30+10) = 75% uptime

200 * 75% uptime = 150 personal DPS, which accounts for reloading.

My piercing shot's damage is based on what my base weapon hit damage, times a multiplier based on how high my Piercing Shot skill is. I happen to know that around 110 Piercing Shot skill, a single Piercing Shot does almost exactly six times the hit-damage. Thus it shoots for 600 damage each time, as quickly as I can shoot it (which my guess is once per 0.79 seconds):

100*6/0.79 sec = 759.5 DPS

Factoring in %uptime, because I can't reload while using Piercing Shot:

759.5*75% = 569.62 DPS

My total DPS at the moment is 150 + 569.62 = 719.62 DPS, which assumes I reload immediately (don't clip reloads with Piercing Shot), spam Piercing Shot exactly every 0.79 seconds when not reloading, and always have mana to spam Piercing Shot.

Notice the holes in the above practical example, I am missing key weapon statistics.

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