The Dice pet is a familiar that is rewarded from reaching wave 25 of The King's Game on Survival Mode. It tackles enemies which gives the hero up to 120 mana per hit. It also rolls with high stat bonuses, four of which are always the defense stats.

The pet was added in the Return to Crystalline Dimension Update published by the Community Development Team.


  • Other names include: Chance, Fortuna, Luck, Risk, Roller and Venture
  • Attacks have a random amount of damage like the roll of a dice.
  • Gives mana on attack. Similar to a Genie, but where the attack of the pet gives the mana, not the hero. This makes for great mana gain if used with an emulator.


  • Ultimate++ Dice from NHMC fully-upgraded can reach the 999 single-stat cap, if not >900, in one tower stat, while still boosting the other three tower stats in the 500-600's. However, a die of this quality only has a 1/200 (0.5%) chance to appear.


  • The general name of this pet is plural, despite being a singular entity.
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