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The Djinn (pronounced "Jinn") is a flying Nightmare enemy that can buff other enemies and instantly destroy non-minion defenses.

It was introduced with the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards - Part 2: Moraggo Desert Town DLC. They spawn on Moraggo Desert Town and City in the Cliffs on all difficulty levels. Djinn are frequently encountered on other maps played on Nightmare and Ascension. Like Sharken and Goblin Copters, their arrival is announced to all players in purple text.

Promotional Description

"These dastardly fiends await you in the desert town of Moraggo. Wielders of fire, lightning and poison elements, the Djinn will warp your defenses to another plane of existence. But these crafty genies have another trick up their sleeve: enemy buffing."


Djinn usually spawn at the same locations as non-Spider ground enemies. On some maps, they may either spawn in midair by themselves or alongside Wyverns and/or copters.

Djinn hover above ground, often following other enemies. Occasionally, they will cast a golden beam from one of their hands onto a nearby enemy. Given enough time without interruption, the target will turn golden. The enemy is fully healed and gains buffs to all of its stats. Regular Djinn can buff any of the following enemies:

Djinn can also de-summon non-minion defenses, regardless of the target's current health. However, this spell requires a long casting period to succeed and it can be interrupted by players, pets, or minions dealing at least 7.5% of the Djinn's max health in combined damage. This spell is indicated by a red beam projecting out from the Djinn's turban and a sound of lower pitch than its enemy-buffing spell. The more upgrade levels a removable defense has, the greater the chance is for a Djinn to target it.

When aggroed by a player or minion, the Djinn will attack them with elemental magic. These projectiles cannot damage Eternia Crystals.

As an Ally

In a few challenge missions (ex: War of the Djinn), Djinn can be recruited to aide players. Ally Djinn wear a white turban and have blue skin which distinguishes them from enemy Djinn on all difficulty levels. They will attack enemies and occasionally cast a green beam to upgrade defenses automatically.

There are also two "Djinnlet" pets; the standard Djinnlet grants the hero mana as it attacks enemies, while the Upgrader Djinnlet exclusive to Redux auto-upgrades nearby defenses for a 50% mana upcharge.


  • Djinn are never assigned an elemental affinity. They however take 20% reduced damage from all hero defenses. This does not stack with the Ruthless Mode modifier.
  • Gas Traps can stun Djinn high above them while active. Though the genies can still de-summon them if the trap lacks range or is not triggered by a ground enemy or manually by a player.
  • Lightning Stance and Shock Beams can interrupt Djinn de-summoning attempts as if they were player damage and will leave the monster stunned for several seconds when they are interrupted.
  • The Deadly Striker Tower and SAM Unit have the highest target priority on Djinn, treating as if they were five times (5x) closer to the tower.
  • To de-summon a trap, aura or beam, the Djinn needs to have line-of-sight with its center-point or one of the defense's two nodes.
  • On PC, it takes longer for Djinn to de-summon defenses on difficulties below Nightmare.
  • If there are no enemies left on the map to buff and no heroes or defenses nearby to attack or de-summon, the Djinn may wander around the map or never fly away from certain locations. This behavior can drag out a wave until it dies (several minutes after the creature spawned).

Golden Enemies

Version History


  • ?: Golden enemy icons always render above un-gilded enemies.

Vanilla - PC

  • CDT Update ?: Golden enemies are now color coded on the area map.
  • CDT Update ?: De-Summon defense channel time is longer on difficulties below Nightmare.
  • Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 2: Introduced.


  • Djinn (or Genies) are supernatural creatures from Arabic folklore.