The Djinn are a new race of creatures introduced with the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards - Part 2: Moraggo Desert Town DLC.

Djinns, like Sharkens, are announces upon arrival, though this is not considered a miniboss. Strangley enough, these enemies have more health and are stronger than the Ogre (usually).

Promotional Description

"These dastardly fiends await you in the desert town of Moraggo. Wielders of fire, lightning and poison elements, the Djinn will warp your defenses to another plane of existence. But these crafty genies have another trick up their sleeve: enemy buffing."



  • Attack players with any of the three elements: fire, lightning and poison.
  • Possess the ability to instantly destroy hero defenses.
  • Enemy Djinn may temporarily buff other enemies, boosting their health and attack.
  • Enemies buffed by Enemy Djinn take on a golden visual appearance, similar to special enemies in the Treasure Hunt challenge.
  • Allied Djinn may upgrade hero defenses.


  • Allied Djinn are colored pale blue, whereas enemy Djinn are colored red.
  • The casting animation of Allied Djinn is colored green, whereas with enemy Djinn it is colored gold.
  • A player or pet can interrupt the Djinn's casting animation that destroys defenses when they deal damage 7.5% of the Djinn's max health.
  • Djinn have a weakness to the donkey pet. It interupts thier channeling abilty and causes them to be stunned.
  • Djinn are never assigned elemental affinity, however Djinn have higher resistance than normal monsters.
  • Lighting Stance and Shock beams can interrupt Sharken wind-up or Djinn desummoning attempts as if they were player damage and will leave the monster stunned for several seconds when they are interrupted..


  • The Djinn (or Genies) are supernatural creatures from Arabic folklore.



  • 7.22:
    • Added Djinn Arrival Notification
    • Gas Traps can now stun Djinn
    • Djinn fleeing behavior further adjusted to make them more melee-attackable
    • Reduced Djinn spawn by approx 40% throughout NM Survival (beyond-Campaign) waves
    • Djinn Spell-Casting Interruption reduced from 15% of HP to 7.5% of HP
    • Ranged Towers Prioritized to Target Djinn over ground-based units
    • Eliminated Djinn spawns from Pure Strat mode
  • 7.21:
    • Djinn no longer flee or move away from you when attacked, and they also have a reduced de-summon range, and take longer to de-summon, and are weaker generally.
    • Djinn fleeing behavior adjusted.
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