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Welcome to the Adopt A Guide page. Here you can find outdated guides that have been abandoned. These guides need a warm heart to keep them active and in shape. Shine some light on these darken guides by adopting!

Do you know a guide that can be considered abandoned? At the bottom of this page is a list of prerequisites.

Guides Up For Adoption



Last Known Edit by Author

RevWhatever's Squire Guide


PC 7.35c

May 29th, 2012

Finally's Apprentice Guide


Pre-Release Mobile

January 27th, 2011


Here are a few things that will be considered for a guide to be adoptable. Administration has final say in all matters.

  • Obsolete - A guide must not be current within reason.
  • The user who the guide must not have edited the guide in last thirty days. To find this out hit history.
  • User must not dissent to their guide being up for adoption.

If you think there is a guide that meet these criteria then visit Suggest A Guide to put the guide up for judging.

Recently Adopted Guides

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