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The Easter Eggs were a temporary item available from 5 April 2012 to the 2 May 2012 as part of the Great Easter Egg Hunt!


From 5 April 2012 to the 2 May 2012, players could find and collect eggs of different sizes:

Egg Size Mana Value
Small 100
Large 9,000
Big 64,000
Huge 600,000
Gigantic 10,000,000
Humongous 200,000,000


Collecting a ​certain number of a particular type of eggs awards players with various rewards. Players must return to their own tavern to unlock their rewards. All eggs are consumed in the unlocking process.



  • Can only be obtained during 5-30 April 2012 (or by using mods).[1]
  • Can be purchased from the Tavernkeep under the pet section.
  • Randomly drop from monsters.
  • Found in chests for normal, survival, and challenge maps.
  • Come in a variety of colorful patterns.
  • Marked on the player map with a small white egg icon. Eggicon
  • Difficulty appears to affect the type of eggs dropped. For instance, on Easy Difficulty mostly small eggs will drop, whereas on Nightmare Difficulty, the much rarer Gigantic-Mega eggs will drop more frequently.
  • The 100 item limit does not apply to eggs and will not be auto-deleted during each wave, making it easier for players to collect them.


  • Once the Great Easter Egg Hunt ends (30 April 2012), all eggs will cease spawning randomly. However, all eggs obtained during the event will remain in players' item boxes and will be tradeable amongst players still seeking to unlock the Bunny Costume.
  • Eggs and other unique items will be obtainable in the future as rewards for future planned events.[2]
  • It has been confirmed that there is no current use for the Large, Huge and Gigantic eggs other than their sale for mana.


  • Collect 24 Small Eggs to Unlock the Squire Bunny Costume

  • A Small Egg

  • A Gigantic Egg

  • A Humongous Egg

  • All egg types.
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