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The Engineer is a Familiar that repairs damaged defenses in an AOE at the cost of some mana. It becomes usable at level 25. Like every familiar, its stats and number of upgrade levels are randomized. Its base damage is not the damage it deals to enemies, it is the rate at which he heals nearby towers.

The Engineer repairs all constructed defenses in a close radius simultaneously, however this radius is centered around the Engineer itself and not the player. Thus the Engineer may be repairing a set of defenses to one side of the player, but defenses on the other side will be out of range for repairs. The Engineer always selects the most damaged defensive structure within a radius around the player and thus he may move from one set of defenses to another as they take damage, before fully repairing the original.

The Engineer will only repair if a defensive structure, aura, or trap within range falls below 80% of its maximum HP. He will then repair the structure until its HP reaches 80% or greater only, and then he will stop repairs. However, all other structures within his repair radius will also receive a "repair cycle" even if they are at 80% health or greater. The mana cost for a repair cycle remains the same regardless of how many defenses are repaired by it.

A "hammer and wrench" icon appears above defensive structures within a small radius of the Engineer when he performs a repair cycle. This icon appears whether the defense requires repairs or not. Also, although this icon only appears above defenses very close to the Engineer, defenses further away may still be repaired but not show this icon above them. In other words, this icon does not necessarily mean that a repair happened nor will it always appear above every defensive structure that receives a repair cycle.

The Engineer was planned to be a pre-order bonus to those that bought the game on Steam, however it is now available to everyone who buys the game on Steam, regardless of purchase date. Upon entering the Tavern for the first time, there will be two crates containing your bonuses; one of these will contain the Engineer (as well as the other three TF2 familiars).

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