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The Etherian Festival of Love is Valentine's Day-themed downloadable content for the PC that was released for free on 14 February 2012.  

It contains the Sky O' Love challenge with accompanying Playin' Cupid achievement, the Goblin Cupid pet, and a new unlockable Eternia Crystal Skin and player costumes.

New for 2013:

Promotional Description

Continuing the spirit of being gracious and kind, it’s almost time for the Etherian Festival of Love. Started by two major candy factories in Etheria, this annual festival features more than just chocolate and cuddles. In fact, you’ll have to play matchmaker for Etheria’s goblins and orcs, making sure they find their mates this holiday! 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Etheria with the “Etherian Festival of Love” holiday event! Grab your date and team up to play the “Sky O’ Love” Challenge Mission! Become matchmaker by pairing “Boy” mobs with their same-species, significant, “Girl” mob others! But watch out… Mega Cupid isn’t too happy about you doing his work for him.



  • The DLC was free for a limited time upon its PC release. It is currently priced (not including sales) at $1.99 USD on Steam.


Dungeon Defenders - Etherian Festival of Love

Dungeon Defenders - Etherian Festival of Love

  • Candy Factory 01
  • Candy Factory 02
  • Squire and Huntress Romance
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