The Everflame of the Nautilus is a Huntress weapon. It is awarded for completing the Riddle of the Deep challenege on Insane and Nightmare difficulty (despite which class the player is using). Unlike most flamethrowers, the Everflame of the Nautilus inflicts physical damage in addition to elemental, potentially increasing its viability.


  • This weapon fires three streams of bluish-purple "water," similar to the mechanics of the Shaitan of a Thousand Winds (however, the Everflame of the Nautilus can inflict both physical and elemental damage).
  • On Xbox this weapon has the appearance of a normal flamethrower and only inflicts fire damage.

Similar Challenge Rewards

Kraken Fang - reward for completing Riddle of the Deep on easy, medium or hard difficulty

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Nautilus is a genus and more commonly refers to the species Nautilus pompilius

  • Everflame shoots
  • Everflame in itembox
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