Evil Heroes
Attack: Many
Special: Hero special abilities, self healing
Introduced: Crystalline Dimension

The Evil Heroes (as they are referred to in Halloween Spooktacular 2!) Are the main cast (Apprentice,Squire,Huntress,Monk) of heroes as enemies the players will fight against for the first time in the Crystalline Dimension and on some late game maps like Temple O' Love and The Greater Turkey Hunt!.

They are vastly different then anything players have fought before, using completely different AI that prefers to attack whatever is closest and in sight rather than being aggro'd. They can and will move, jump, dodge, and spam attacks all like a player can. They are even capable of using their respective classes' special abilities, most noticeably Mana Bomb on evil Apprentices where they have a lower pitched distorted voice on using.

The evil heroes have massive hit point pools, much higher than that of Ogres. Very rarely, evil heroes are able to heal themselves at extremely fast rates, often restoring no less than 1 million HP per second. Much like a player, evil heroes are not immune to knockback when taking damage, and even a player's basic attack will push them around, often making it hard to finish them off.

Outside of the main cast, other evil heroes would include the corrupted Series EVs on Tinkerer's Lab Assault. And the Santa Barbarian boss from Silent Night.

These foes are a daunting presence as they are difficult to properly counter in a build, thankfully, Nightmare does not add them to maps.

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