Thanks to Tyhan for recording each weapon swing and jotting their swing speed. Extensive Countess Weapon Effectiveness Chart is the link to their work, added here for easier updating and viewing.


  • FCT = Full Combo Time = number of seconds to go through all swings of the combo (determined through gameplay)
  • APS = Attacks Per Second = Average attack time for each swing of the combo (this value follows from the FCT). This doesn't directly affect DPS; however, higher APS values are better against mobs.
  • Hit 1 = Multiplier value for the first swing of the combo (almost always 1)
  • Hit 2 = Multiplier value for the second swing of the combo
  • Hit 3 = Multiplier value for the third swing of the combo
  • Total = Total damage multiplier for a 3-hit combo (the sum of all the individual Hit values)
  • DPS = Damage-per-second multiplier. Total DPS will be base damage times this amount. This value follows from the Total and the FCT values.
  • ^Cap = Upgrade damage (base damage) cap. Base damage is upgraded 15% per level of upgrade, with a maximum per-level upgrade of this cap.
  • DPSper^ = DPS multiplier for every capped level of upgrade. Assuming roughly equal base damage amounts and number of levels on two weapons, the one with the higher DPS-per-level value will end up having the greater damage.
  • ^Req = Base damage needed to be reached before the cap is hit. Once you've upgraded the base damage to be at least this amount, an additional level will no longer give 15% but will only give the capped value.


Extensive Countess Weapon Effectiveness Chart

Weapon FCT APS Hit 1 Hit 2 Hit 3 Total DPS DMG^ Cap DPS per ^ Total 2 DPS2 DPS Per ^2 MAX^ Req
Axe 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Edge 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Rapier 1.42.1411.482.314.793.42973317.15.07492647
Lightsaber 1.272.3611.321.964.283.37893006.244.91427593
Safey Razor 2.131.4111.482.314.792.251312947.13.33436873
Blade 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Crystal Sword 1.332.2611.321.964.283.221033326.244.69483687
Buster Sword 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Katana 1311.211.753.963.96823245.915.91485547
Pata 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Chain Sword 21.511.482.314.792.41232957.13.55437820
Great Sword 1.61.8811.272.474.742.961173467.214.5527780
Alien Sword 1.671.811.512.174.682.81203366.854.1492800
Hammer 2.271.3211.321.964.281.891633086.242.754481087
Demon Sword 1.472.04.81.572.174.543.091113436.714.56506740
Hyperclaymore 1.472.0411.321.964.282.91113226.244.24471740
Couteau 1311.492.324.81803857.137.13570533

Column titles:
time to do full 3-swing combo, Attacks per second, Hit 1 Multiplier, Hit 2 Multiplier, hit 3 Multiplier, Total Damage of all 3 swings, Damage per Second, DPS per upgrade at cap, Total Damage of all swings 3rd hitting twice, Damage per second with third swing hitting twice, DPS per upgrade at cap with double hit, Amount of damage required to reach maximum damage per upgrade.


Thanks to Tyhan, again, for recording each weapon swing and jotting their swing speed. Extensive Monk Weapon Effectiveness Chart is the link to their work.

Extensive Monk Weapon Effectiveness Chart

Weapon Combo Time APS Hit 1 Hit 2 Hit 3 Total DPS ^Cap DPSper^ ^ Req
Spear 101.42.1411.
Spear 051311.***
Spear 081.42.1411.
Spear 02 DLC1311.
Spear 01 DLC1.272.3611.
Spear 031.272.3611.
Spear 041.332.2611.***
Spear 061.272.3611.
Spear 03 DLC1311.
Spear 021.332.2611.***
Spear 011.22.511.
Spear 071.42.1411.
Spear 091311.***
Spear 111.531.9611131.961693311126
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