The Fairy is a pet that is awarded for reaching wave 15 of Royal Gardens or wave 25 on Temple of Water, both on Survival or Pure Strategy mode.


  • Other names include: Fairy, Alvara, Blossom, Dulcina, Elvie, Faye, Lilly, Nixie, Zanna and Ophelia.
  • Can be bought with mana at the Tavernkeep.
  • Heals the player and nearby teammates.

Unlock Conditions

  • Players must complete Royal Gardens to unlock this pet.
  • Players must note that even after completing a pet's unlock conditions, it may not immediately be available for sale at the Tavernkeep.
  • The chance of an unlocked pet being available for sale at the tavern shop is dependent on its rarity.



  • As of PC Patch 7.16c, Fairies on Nightmare Difficulty now heal for 5x their listed value.


  • A fairy named 'Kairi the Brave' is rewarded for reaching wave 20 of the Mistymire Forest on hard difficulty or higher.


Warping Core Challenge

In the Warping Core Challenge Pack, a Fairy variant named Zamira was introduced. It is a one time reward (for each difficulty level) for completing all four levels.

  • Zamira's stats are proportional to the difficulty level on which all levels are completed.
  • Zamira is awarded upon returning to the hero's tavern.
  • Unlike Fairies awarded in Survival or purchased in the tavern, Zamira's heal speed can be upgraded to 8 rather than the typical 6.
  • On Nightmare difficulty, completing all levels awards players with all four versions of Zamira: The Weak, The Enchantress, The Powerful Enchantress and the Godlike Enchantress.
  • Zamira - Easy Reward
  • Zamira - Medium Reward
  • Zamira - Hard Reward
  • Zamira - Insane Reward
  • Zamira - Nightmare Completion Awards All Four Versions

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