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The Monk

Simple and elegant, the Monk class is a challenge to learn and even harder to perfect.

How should I build my Monk?

This question gets ask all the time and there is no correct one. The best way to build your character is by your playing style. Here are three typical Monk builds:

Tower(Aura) Build - Tower (all points in tower stats)
A build which focuses on tower stats above all else. With only one damaging Aura, solo play will be quite hard. A tower build makes for a good teammate.
  • Very good at supporting
  • Auras almost never die and do good damage
  • Bosses can be hard to kill
  • More likely to die due to low health

Hero Build - DPS (all points in character stats)
Focusing on Ranged attacks and Familiar Damage, the DPS Monk can be a powerful yet balanced ally
  • Ranged attacks keep you safe(r) in NM
  • A well rounded fighter that can damage and heal
  • Must focus on ranged attacks, which have lower damage, but keep you alive in NM
  • Hard to solo without towers, auras will be weak

Boost Build - Skill Based
Amazing support character when playing with others or using other classes' defences.
  • Always helpful in team scenarios
    Able to mix ranged and pet attacks with tower boost for amazing results
  • Unable to be used alone as a solo character due to lack of tower stats and subpar hero stats

Aura Breakdown

Ensnare Aura
Ensnare Aura A Support Aura, the Ensnare Aura slows down enemy movement speed. The percent effect showed is how much of the normal speed the monster has while moving through the aura. ie. 70% is worse then 41% since the monster moves at 41%, not a 41% reduction of base speed. This is capped at 15% movement speed and does not effect poison immune creatures
Cost: 3 Defense Units(2 DU on Console) 30 Mana

Electric Aura
Electric Aura This is the only direct damage aura for the monk. While he is a support class, he can use a combination of auras to do extreme damage. This is best used with Walls/Ensnare Aura to make enemies stay inside longer and a Strength Drain Aura/Darkness Trap to take away any electric immunities
Cost: 5 Defense Units (3 DU on Console) 50 Mana

Healing Aura
Healing Aura A Support Aura, the Healing Aura can be quite helpful in that is allows a hero to heal and attack at the same time. The aura costs significantly less than healing multiple times. One strategy is to place a healing aura in a central location or near the core so all Heroes can share one. This is also the largest aura.
Cost: 4 Defense Units 40 Mana

Strength Drain Aura
Strength Drain Aura A Support Aura that causes monsters to hit for less damage as well as removing elemental affinities. This becomes useful later in the game when monsters become difficult to destroy. This aura also drains the fastest.
Cost: 5 Defense Units 60 Mana

Enrage Aura
Enrage Aura A Support Damage Aura. The monsters will attack each other in confusion, making the Heroes job a lot easier! This works best on large groups of monsters. The smallest and slow draining of the auras.
Cost: 5 Defense Units 100 Mana

Monk Weapons

The Monk uses a variety of melee based weapons (with the ability to shoot Chi bolts similar to an Apprentice Weapon) to do DPS. They range from Axes to Swords to Spears. An overall look at Monk Weapons can be viewed here.

I would like to focus on some of the better (common and current opinions as to such) weapons available.


This is a preferred weapon as it is the easiest Monk weapon to get that is upgradeable to 7 projectiles (Which is 1 more projectile/~16% more DPS than most Monk Weapons). This weapon caps at +80 Ranged Damage per Upgrade.

Lemurian Halberd

This has become a new favorite since it's release as a Boss Drop in Insane/NM Aquanos. It is upgradeable to 8 projectiles ([3 dead center, 2 of which are elevated] Making it 33% more DPS than most Monk Weapons and 14% more than the Nosferatu). It also caps out at +104 Ranged Damage per Upgrade. The only downside to this weapon is that it deals electric damage, meanings that it will not do damage to electric immune monsters.

Monk Stats and Skills

There are 10 possible places to spend the Monk stat points on, 8 Statistic areas and 2 Skills:

Hero Health
Player Health This stat increases the Monks maximum health. A Monk can maintain his hp with either the healing skill, a Fairy or his healing aura.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
A must for a Hero build Monk, he can act as a backup tank if he maxes this stat. While not required, placing a some points into the Player Health stat will allow for the Monk to stand in his auras and use his tower/aura buffing skill. Though some Health can be helpful for a Boost Build, it should all come from gear as your stat points will already be stretched thin.

Hero Damage
Player Damage Placing points in Player Damage increase the physical damage of each attack done by the player. This skill is based off the hero's weapon damage, this means increasing it a lot early on has less of an impact then having it maxed end game. This does NOT increase chi attack damage
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
A requirement to max this and continue to increase player attack with items. A Hero build should look to using ranged based weapon. This stat will greatly increase his damage as well as that of any Heroic damage pet. Not recommended, should focus on aura skills first. The Tower build Monk should focus on fixing towers, placing auras, and using his buffing abilities to support his teammates. This should be raised after getting Tower and Hero Boost to a good level so that your pet can assist by doing damage.

Hero Speed
Player Speed This stat increases the players movement speed. Maxing this stat is essential for all classes but maxing should be put off until later levels. A few points early into player speed will allow the player to move fast and not be at much disadvantage. Items can be used to cover player speed by late game so an early investment can be offset by a re-spec at level 70.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
A must have skill! If the Monk is too slow, he can not effectively get to and away from creatures. A must have skill! Repair, repair, repair! A tower Monk should always be on the lookout for a tower or aura in need of repairing or replacing. He can also use his special skill to boost and repair towers. Again, a must have to get where you're needed so that you can boost.
(120 max, with no benefit above 99 (or 400 in nightmare), can be raised with equipment)

Hero Casting Rate
Player Rate Points into this stat reduces the time a player needs to build and repair towers.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
All players should repair towers during the build phase so even a DPS based hero can benefit putting a few points in HERO CASTING SPEED. A must have for placing auras fast. Every second counts so maxing this late game helps. Maxing HERO CASTING SPEED and the Monks tower boosting skill makes him one of the fastest repairer in the game! All characters should have some, so that they can repair/upgrade when necessary.

Defense Health
Defense Health This stat increases the duration of the Monk's auras. It is one of the best stats to max due as it'll keep the auras up longer, effecting more monsters.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
A hero build Monk should not be focused on his auras but rather attacking and using his boosting skills efficiently All Tower build Monks should max this stat to be the most effective for their team. Longer lasting auras will benefit the team more then high effect, low health auras. As with a Hero Build, there is no need to put points here since you should not be placing auras

Defense Base Damage
Defense Damage Thos stat increases the damage and effect of all Defense Base Damages towers. Increasing Tower Damage on support auras makes them more efficient or effective against creatures.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
This is not a stat that Hero Builds should worry about. A must have to max. Probably the most important stat to raise for all tower classes. This is not a stat that Boost Builds should worry about.

Defense Area of Effect
Defense AOE This stat increase the size of the Monk's Auras. This is a good stat to place a few points in but Tower Health and Damage are usually more important first. End game monks usually aim for 1500+
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
Not recommended as a hero Monk should focus buffing himself and his skills, not his towers. For tower builds it is advised to increase Tower Range enough to make auras large enough. This is not a stat that Boost Builds should worry about.
(120 max skill points, can be raised above with items)

Defense Attack Rate
Defense Rate This stat increases the effect rate of all Monk auras. Each aura has an attack cycle, increasing Tower Speed will make this cycle faster.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
Not recommended as a hero Monk should focus buffing himself and his skills, not his towers. This is recommended to max if the player is going for a tower or hybrid build as the damage output of each tower is greatly increased. This stat does not scale as well a Tower Attack and as such, should be secondary to that stat. This is not a stat a Boost Monk should worry about.

Hero Boost
Player Boost Heals all players in the aura, boost player and familiar damage, increase player defenses. Hero Boost is a great skill for use agains large groups of monsters, to heal teammates or himself, or used against bosses.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
This is definitely something a Hero DPS Monk will want to max out. This is not something a Tower Build Monk should worry about. This skills is optional for boosts monks, but usually preferred to help kill bosses and have your pet do significant damage in NM.
60 Mana per use plus mana over time while active (mana over time cost goes down with more points into the skill)

Defense Boost
Defense Boost Heals all defenses in the area (except Traps) and increases their damage.
Hero Build Tower Build Boost Build
Not neccessary for DPS builds, though some points (from gear) can obviously still make it effective to use. Not neccessary for Tower builds, though some points (from gear) can obviously still make it effective to use. The most important stat on a Boost Monk. This should be the focus of your stats for gear.
20 Mana per use plus mana per second cost (Mana over time cost goes down as well as effectiveness goes up with more points into the skill)

Solo Strategy

Coming Soon!

Multiplayer Strategy

Coming Soon!

Notes for Batly

Breakpoints for Tower Boost Attack Speed effects on Auras? Hero Boost on minions? Initiate Comparison Add links

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