The Flying Mech is the boss of Omenak.


As the name suggests, the Flying Mech is a flying boss. It first spawns and takes off near the north crystal, then patrols around the map. The boss attacks by firing either a wide-spread barrage of bullets or homing rockets. Reflection Beams are essential to protect against these projectiles.


  • Because the boss is always airborne and tends to stay a distance away from its targets, it is neigh impossible to attack the mech in close combat or with pets. Bring a ranged weapon that does not shoot gravity-affected projectiles.
  • The Ranger and Super Legendary Huntress can deal good consistent damage to the mech with a Blaster Rifle, Hyper Rifle or other DPS weapon with little-to-no spread. A Propeller Cat combined with an ally's Hero Boost or Call to Arms will speed up the fight tremendously.
  • A dedicated Tower Boost Monk can make Reflection Beams unbreakable and to an extent: heroes under a Healing Aura immortal, for extensive periods.
  • It is dangerous to build physical defenses near the middle of the map. Reflection Beams will not be able to ricochet most of boss's fire from above, unless many of the reflectors are tightly packed together over the your key defenses. However, many multi-buffed Deadly Striker Towers, plus their builder in combat, can knock out the boss before it causes too much damage.
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