The Genie is a pet that is awarded for reaching wave 15 of Hall of Court or Wave ## of Coastal Bazaar on Survival/Pure Strategy mode.

Whenever the hero deals damage to enemies (either by weapon or an offensive pet), the genie will grant them mana. The genie will perform a backflip every time it gives the owner mana.

The amount of mana collected per hit can be calculated with the following formula, where "GenieDamage" is the pet's Collection Bonus stat and "Damage" is the amount dealt in one hit by the hero:

Mana per Hit = (Damage/60)*((GenieDamage/12)^0.23)

  • The coefficient hard-caps at 70, at 4,200 attack damage.
  • Assuming that (Damage/60)>=70, the mana gained/hit scales poorly after a 29,004 Collection Bonus on the genie, which yields 420 mana/hit.

This pet synergies exceptionally well with weapons that fire multiple projectiles at once and hero abilities that drain mana overtime, such as the Chicken Baller to fuel the Monk's Tower Boost or Hero Boost.


  • Other names for the genie include: Dusa, Hanio, Nurzhan, Spiro, Tien, Menos, Hugo, Huzzah and Shazzam.
  • When equipped to a Summoner, the genie will collect mana from the damage dealt by his other pet.

Unlock Conditions

  • Players must complete Magus Quarters to unlock this pet. It may not immediately be available for sale at the Tavernkeep.
  • The chance of an unlocked pet being available for sale at the tavern shop is dependent on its rarity.

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