The Genie King is the boss for the second part of Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC featured in Moraggo Desert Town.

"He rules the arid land alongside his faithful djinns, using any one of his powerful attacks to keep strangers out. He reigns with an iron fist...err... beard? Beware of his minions and keep a sharp eye out for his lamps. plus he has no love for women."
-- DD Digest (3/14/12)


During the final wave, the boss wave of Moraggo Desert Town, the Genie King will spawn and immediately go into the first lamp. When players rub the lamp, the Genie King reappears. He will re-eneter a random lamp upon losing a certain percentage of his health; a player has to rub the lamp once again to release the king.

A distinct ping sound can be heard from which lamp the Genie King is hiding in. Purple smoke also emanates from the lamp.

NOTE: The Genie King will automatically leave his lamp after a few minutes... handy if you die in hardcore mode. (Confirmed to not work on Steam, July 2015)


Melee: The Genie King sticks out his long tongue and spins around, knocking back those hit by the tongue.

Ranged: The Genie King shoots lasers from both of his eyes. These lasers have limited range and will not aim at players if he or she is at a lower height than the Genie King.

Summon: Genie King summons three "baby" djinns from his mouth. These, while weak, are immune to damage from towers, so only players can kill them.


  • Hero abilities that deal massive damage at once, such as Mana Bomb or Hawk Stance, can damage the Genie King passed the breaking point he hides again. This may reduce the number of times players have to release the king from lamps.

Lamp Locations

Moraggo Desert Town Lamp Locations

Lamp Locations

Map of all the lamp locations (Note: Needs to be confirmed)

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