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Unlikely Allies is a challenge where heroes must defend an ogre instead of an Eternia Crystal. The ogre can move across the map, and will push aside any defenses in its path. On Nightmare difficulty, the ogre has 40,000 HP. This challenge takes place in Foundries and Forges, though with only 50 Defense Units.

Build Strategy

Effective builds for this challenge involve:

  • Preventing enemy ogres from reaching yours
  • (Nightmare) preventing Djinn from unsummoning defenses

A recommended build would be to place Gas Traps as close to each spawn gate as possible, with blockades (of your choice) at the top of the first set of stairs; this is to effectively combat Djinn if present, and prevent enemy ogres from walking within range of yours. From there can be your choice of defenses to take out enemies.

Note that when creating an effective build, one must take into account your friendly ogre's movement pushing aside defenses. Your ogre can walk anywhere in the purple shaded area, so it is best to build tangible towers closer to the spawn doors or on the ledges.

Combat Strategy

On Insane and lower difficulties, simply maintain your defenses outside your ogre's reach to guarantee victory. On Nightmare difficulty, Spiders are by far the biggest threat to your ogre. It is highly recommended that all players bring along a DPS familiar to counter spiders dropping in and dealing damage.

If soloing, stay as close to your ogre as possible with a DPS familiar, only straying to momentarily maintain your defenses or deal with enemy ogres. If playing as a team, have three players guard the ogre while the fourth maintains defenses. Keep at least 2 players on the ogre at all times to prevent excessive damage from spiders, as it accumulates quickly over time.


Successfully completing all waves on either Insane or Nightmare rewards the player with the Ogre's Childhood Toy. It is a Monk weapon that resembles a sword, but cannot be wielded by the Squire.

Completing this challenge on medium or hard rewards each player with the Ogre Safety Razor.

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