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Warping Core is a challenge that takes place in Magus Quarters. At random intervals, the Eternia Crystal warps randomly to one of six locations on the map. Almost all other rules of the standard campaign mission apply, with the exception that Wyverns are not present in this challenge.

Build Strategy

Effective builds for this challenge include:

  • Combating Dark Elf Archers and Dark Elf Mages that can hit the crystal from just outside the spawn doors
  • Combating Ogres that spawn from the south door
  • (Nightmare) Ensuring Djinn do not desummon any defenses
  • (Nightmare, and if opting to use tangible towers) Combating Spiders


In this picture, crystals can warp to the following locations, and can easily be defended from stray projectiles and Ogres with the following minimal layout. If a Series EV hero is not available, one can replace the Reflection Beams and Physical Beam with Magic Blockades or Spike Blockades.

Note that the Physical Beam is only on one side; this is because Ogres will only spawn from the left door on the south-center spawn. This can free up Defense Units to create additional defenses to eliminate enemies.

An extremely effective and simple build for this challenge is to use the following:

Using Traps in front of each spawn door is also a very effective strategy if a Monk is not available.

Combat Strategy

If soloing, the best place your hero can be is with the crystal, ensuring enemies are not able to close the short gap between the spawn and crystal. If playing as a team, there are two effective strategies for this challenge:

  • Have everyone follow the crystal wherever it warps with one hero taking care of Ogres
  • Each hero takes a lane to ensure no enemies make it close to any potential spawn locations, with the strongest DPS character covering the south side

If your team opts to follow the crystal around, it is helpful to call out to your teammates where it has warped to by pressing 'C' (PC) or 'B' (Xbox). This method makes the crystal much safer as more heroes are defending it, however makes it much more vulnerable the first several seconds after it warps until heroes catch up to it. Keeping everyone in separate lanes makes it a little more likely for a player to get overwhelmed, but greatly decreases any chances that a Djinn desummons a defense.


Successfully clearing all waves of this challenge on Insane or Nightmare difficulty rewards each player with the Crystal Tracker. It is a Huntress weapon that has one of the largest area-of-effect radius in the game, though it deals lower damage per shot.

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