The Giraffe on Treadmill is a Familiar that is rewarded for completing a map on Pure Strategy or Survival mode.


  • To make up for its lack of offensive or defensive capabilities, it provides a much larger increase to stats than other pets, making it ideal for a tower builder that you never plan to use during waves.
  • As with other pets, the Giraffe on Treadmill is available in different colors. A non-interactable version is visible under the stairs in the secret room of the tavern.
  • When skipping to later starting waves on the PC, players must start at least 2 waves prior to the final wave for the map in order to obtain the pet. For example, in order to obtain the pet on a 25 wave campaign map it must be started on wave 23 at the latest.

DirecTV Commercial

The Giraffe on a Treadmill is a reference to a DirecTV commercial.

DirecTV Commercial 2011 - I am Epic Win

DirecTV Commercial 2011 - I am Epic Win

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