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The Goblin Battlecruiser is the boss of Sky City. It was added with the Part 4: Sky City DLC for PC.


The Goblin Battlecruiser circles the Sky City clockwise while hurling bombs across the map. At certain locations, the ship docks facing forward, unleashing a flamethrower attack across a wide area.

The ship features four goblin-mounted rocket launchers which will shoot rockets that home in on heroes and/or defenses. Dealing sufficient damage to the rocket launchers can temporarily disable them.

To board the ship, players may either utilize the yellow colored air lifts scattered across the map to jump directly onto the ship's deck, jump onto its rear-mounted propellers (which act as air lifts), or wait for the ship to set dock at one of many docking sites around the edges of the map.

When a player gets onto the deck of the ship, they must attack the Red Eternia Shard that powers it in order to damage the boss. Ground enemies will also spawn on the main deck in attempt to swarm the player from behind. After damaging the ship by a certain percentage (~16%) of its max health, the core becomes temporarily invincible, the cabinet doors close and a warning siren goes off. After approximately 10 seconds, the battleship's electric coils will discharge, instantly killing all mobs and players on board.


  • Series EV's Reflection Beams can deflect the battleship's rockets, but not its bombs.
  • It is possible to defeat this boss without ever returning to land after boarding the ship. This is called: "The No Return Method." If a player reaches and stands on the front grill of the ship, but not too close to the cabinet, they will not be electrocuted when the electric coils discharge. Heroes with ranged weapons can also hit the core from the bow of the ship.
  • A platforming tip to board the ship from the airlifts is to start riding them a few seconds before the ship's bow lines up with them. Begin your approach sooner if your character moves slowly (ex: Squire, Barbarian, Tuxedo Ranger.
  • The captain's corner has no collision; trying to land on top of it will likely lead to one's demise.
  • Fast-moving heroes and those that can hover, such as the Jester and Outlander Ranger, will have an easier time landing and getting off the ship.


  • During preliminary development, it was originally called the Goblin Airship.
  • Unlike other bosses, the Goblin Battlecruiser's name is not shown during the intro cutscene.