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The Goblin Airship, an assumed name, is a supposed boss for Sky City in the 4th and last part of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards.This is because the ship appears in the lost shards trailer. A gigantic battle-cruiser that involves landing on the deck of the ship and working your way to its power-core. And of course they all have some devastating attacks, which you can avoid or counter if you pay attention to what they're doing...


  • This is pure speculation and guesswork, but based off the EV Series promotional trailer.
  • The Goblin Airship may have a special ability that uses planes controlled by goblins to pick up enemies and lift them over defenses. It can be seen in action at 46 seconds into the video with an ogre being lowered to the ground.



Goblin Airship with Sky City in the background.

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