The Goblin Battlecruiser is the boss of Sky City. It is added with the Part 4: Sky City DLC for the PC.


The Goblin Battlecruiser circles the Sky City, hurling bombs across the maps. Occasionally the ship docks face forward, unleashing a flamethrower attack across a wide area. The ship features four goblin-mounted rocket launchers. Dealing sufficient damage to the rocket launcher platforms can temporarily disable them.

To board the ship, players may either utilise the yellow colored air lifts scattered across the map to jump directly onto the ship's deck, jump onto its rear-mounted propellers (which act as air lifts), or wait for the ship to set dock at one of many docking sites around the edges of the map.

After dealing a particular amount of damage, the Goblin Battlecruiser's electric coils discharge, instantly killing all mobs and players onboard.


  • The Battlecruiser is powered by the Red Eternia Shard.
  • A warning siren sounds for approximately 10 seconds before the electric coils discharge, giving anyone onboard enough time to jump off to avoid being instakilled.
  • To prevent the invisible boss glitch, you can look at the boss spawn area to help it not happen. (It might still happen but doing this helps a lot)


  • During preliminary development, it was originally called the Goblin Airship.


  • Board the Battlecruiser and Attack the Red Eternia Shard!

  • Utilise the Ship's Propellers to Board the Deck and Destroy the Generator!

  • Goblin-Mounted Rocket Launchers

  • Flamethrower Attack

  • Projectile Bomb Attacks

  • Utilise the Yellow Air Lifts to Board the Deck and Destroy the Generator!

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